When Your Heckler Stutters

Published on Feb 22, 2021
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When Your Heckler Stutters
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Drew Lynch
  • Drew Lynch

    Drew Lynch

    3 months ago

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    • end my suffering

      end my suffering

      3 days ago

      banana is child's play compared to worcestershire sauce

    • Ron Swanson

      Ron Swanson

      3 days ago

      @ThatOneSpnFan yes

    • ThatOneSpnFan


      3 days ago

      @Ron Swanson he’s engaged?

    • Kody Bauers

      Kody Bauers

      3 months ago

      Congrats on the wedding drew, and how how much better your stutter has become, its much less.... Well, constant, lol. Ive been watching you for years, and youve come so far. Congrats man, love you.

    • Eric Bosler

      Eric Bosler

      3 months ago

      Hey Drew, hell of a set, kicked ass this night

  • derpman 203

    derpman 203

    23 hours ago

    For a sec i thought you were sponsored by raid shadow legends

  • Cyber 246

    Cyber 246

    Day ago

    Friendly fire!

  • Spud Muffin

    Spud Muffin

    Day ago

    I also have a stutter/speech impediment and kinda replace vowels and consonants subconsciously kinda
    Like this:
    Today - d = tu_ay
    Tomorrow - o = tuhmro
    To - o = tuh
    And to make it worse I have weak vocal cords so I’m almost always speaking softly or mumbling, which causes me to speak more than I already have to when I have to repeat myself.

  • The Almighty Cup

    The Almighty Cup

    2 days ago

    Just sayin, my grandma would kick all of your guys' asses at that casino game

  • Tajean D.

    Tajean D.

    3 days ago

    This was very interesting.

  • brenda


    3 days ago

    i have a stutter because i never knew how to speak til i was about 6 buh i was going to speech therapy. i was confident that i could speak buh i had a very bad stutter, everyone including family made fun of me for it for a long time

  • Dee Zee

    Dee Zee

    3 days ago

    Are you getting better? :)
    Sometimes it seem like your stutter is almost gone & you're talking normal again. Just curious. :)

  • Lizy Aizawa

    Lizy Aizawa

    3 days ago

    Dude my sister has a reverse stutter (she struggles in the middle and end of a word) and it sucks for her haha "edi-i-eh-d-it-ed-ted" Some one will say "hey just slow down" and shes like "oh yea i for-or-go-ha-t to do that yea thanksss"

  • Kat Thomas Hartzler

    Kat Thomas Hartzler

    3 days ago

    Omgod he’s the BEST.

  • john watson

    john watson

    4 days ago

    When you think things do your thoughts stutter?

  • Chuck Reed

    Chuck Reed

    4 days ago

    You wife to be is very pretty ...

  • Solomon Parker

    Solomon Parker

    4 days ago

    What happened to the black girl who worked three jobs so you could do this shit?

  • Friday Azures

    Friday Azures

    4 days ago

    How did I not know about you til now?! Gosh, great stuff! Thanks for the entertainment!

  • Christy Spry

    Christy Spry

    5 days ago

    The yellow cab number in my hometown (Colorado Springs, Colorado) was 777-7777. A nightmare for these guys.

  • beans8604


    6 days ago

    I know drew says his stutter doesnt show up as often when he sings, so I wonder if he can sing Banana Phone.

  • Bryce Swisher

    Bryce Swisher

    6 days ago

    I liked the video just for the wedding planning😂😂

  • Raycefan


    6 days ago

    Uh. Holy crap. Did I miss a video that shows where you lost your stutter?? I do love you & your comedy. Also, you’re on of the top 3 quickest witted comedian I have ever heard

  • CHSD


    7 days ago

    *laughs* *realizes my laugh is like 2 octaves lower than his*

  • Sea Change

    Sea Change

    7 days ago

    Porky pig. Just sayin…

  • ɠг๛ Peaches

    ɠг๛ Peaches

    7 days ago

    Just call it a "Banaan", almost the same but it's Dutch..

  • matt hutchings

    matt hutchings

    7 days ago

    That was a killer Segway!! Lol

  • Chuck Reed

    Chuck Reed

    8 days ago

    That was hilarious !!!

  • Rekt One

    Rekt One

    8 days ago

    45 seconds in and imma stab my ears. I’m out.

  • George Williams,sr

    George Williams,sr

    9 days ago

    Hmm? Is there two two women your marrying?

  • showercurtainyo


    9 days ago

    You sound like the guy who voices Tino Tonnotini

  • No Name

    No Name

    9 days ago

    I noticed drew no longer laughs at his jokes. I kinda miss it , but also get why he did it.

  • elite 02k

    elite 02k

    9 days ago

    heckler: *stutters*
    drew: brother?

  • Tom Bolt

    Tom Bolt

    10 days ago

    This dude looks like Trea Turner.

  • Jason Flay

    Jason Flay

    10 days ago

    Dude you one of the quickest improv comedy minds, it's brilliant

  • Bennett Obler

    Bennett Obler

    11 days ago

    What about the word "synonym"?

  • James Miles

    James Miles

    12 days ago

    i am english and i have never heard someone call a debit/credit card a charge card

  • My Stupid Channel

    My Stupid Channel

    12 days ago

    did he ever actually stutter? ive always wondered that. cause now it seems very unlikely

  • gamesforpeople


    13 days ago

    You’re great, but this isn’t my kind of stand up comedy. I’d prefer rehearsed jokes over insulting the crowd to get laughs. Idk. Just me? Still thumbs up though

  • Guy Cook

    Guy Cook

    14 days ago

    congrats on the engagement

  • searlena flesher

    searlena flesher

    15 days ago

    Good luck on you're wedding

  • Elaine Russell

    Elaine Russell

    15 days ago

    Wow it's a miracle u don't stuuuuddddeeer

  • Tryyton


    15 days ago

    Our N-word... 🤣👍

  • Michael Weston

    Michael Weston

    15 days ago

    a little surprised his fiance is a female

  • My Art Process

    My Art Process

    15 days ago

    Drew, you are hysterical! This made me laugh out loud!

  • john maxwell

    john maxwell

    16 days ago

    I feel like his stuttering is getting better...that or he has learned to pace his vocabulary so as to minimize it.

  • Brett Frazier

    Brett Frazier

    17 days ago

    So you take time off from us to be with your girl unacceptable you need to do a better job at entertaining us.... :D
    Nah congratulations man I'm happy for you (=

  • Rene' Warren

    Rene' Warren

    17 days ago

    Funniest thing I've seen in a while. I was sorry I missed you here recently in Portland. Maybe the next time you come through. Thanks for all of the laughs!

  • Bradley Rios

    Bradley Rios

    18 days ago

    I really thought “damn this will be an interesting skit” but nah homie said “fuck you this is a ad”

  • Jabbo Jones

    Jabbo Jones

    18 days ago

    Kind of odd that you don't stutter at all when you're at home..

  • Jatin Kashyap

    Jatin Kashyap

    18 days ago


  • 98coma Coma

    98coma Coma

    18 days ago

    Dying laughing !!!! And I’m in a hotel where you request room service no one will find me till Saturday! Hahahahaha!!!

  • Mystery Man

    Mystery Man

    19 days ago

    I was ready for a raid shadow legends ad

  • seemykids99


    19 days ago

    I made it exactly :40 into your video before the desire to strike you overcame me.

  • BobombNik


    19 days ago

    This was a really good one!

  • Durgesh Agrawal

    Durgesh Agrawal

    20 days ago

    I'm watching this video after his AGT performances. It's so amazing how much he has improved!
    You're amazing, Drew!

  • Little Miss Wolfee

    Little Miss Wolfee

    20 days ago

    xD HIlarious!

  • Omar Osman

    Omar Osman

    20 days ago

    THE MAN GOT ENGAGED. Congrats my dude

  • Rider34G


    22 days ago

    😂😂 I’m in tears! That was the best! Thanks man!

  • AIG Trader

    AIG Trader

    23 days ago

    DUDE.... Entire openIng ZERO stutter? WTF???? Did I miss something?

  • BottleCaps


    24 days ago

    Well we have a stuttering president now

  • SaintLucas LDN

    SaintLucas LDN

    25 days ago

    wait I'm English and we don't say charge card Drew, it's debit card or credit card

  • tom ee

    tom ee

    25 days ago

    Drew is a sellout

  • Beth Blaylock

    Beth Blaylock

    26 days ago

    When I was young I had a stuttering problem but I went through a lot of therapy so I talk mostly normal now unless I'm worked up and there is still words that are hard to say the b word is definitely one but the hardest for me is aluminum

  • barnesj0007


    26 days ago

    This guy is freaking hilarious!

  • Lucy - Aka Olivia

    Lucy - Aka Olivia

    29 days ago

    Drew you get funnier and funnier with every gig you do!x

  • S M

    S M

    Month ago

    Ummm doesn't drew stutter bcz the whole 2mins Into the video he was speaking fine

  • Scott

    Scott "FDG" Ruthven

    Month ago

    Oooh, that segue in to your sponsor was next level good.. lol...

  • Ayonix Animations

    Ayonix Animations

    Month ago

    "If I could just get a credit card over the phone?" "Nope. I... will starve today, thank you so much." I'm dead



    Month ago

    Was that a stutter free add?

  • ThatOne Guy

    ThatOne Guy

    Month ago

    ✨ C a s h m a n c a s I n o ✨

  • wahliik


    Month ago

    Where is the stuttering at the start of the video

  • Fear No Evil

    Fear No Evil

    Month ago

    Why does he only stutter on stage? I love his comedy but I don't buy it.

  • Mecronorm2


    Month ago

    Why does drew just look like an actor? I just feel like I've seen him in a movie before.

  • Leia O'Donnell

    Leia O'Donnell

    Month ago

    Im scottish and dont know wtf a charge card is

  • Terence Belletty

    Terence Belletty

    Month ago

    His laugh makes me laugh

  • AnVille


    Month ago

    for the sponcer i swear i thought "raid shadow legends" was gonna linger from ur mouth and i was gonna say "PLEASE NOT HIM TOO!!" lmao

  • Nocturnal Pyro

    Nocturnal Pyro

    Month ago

    it's just Banan in danish

  • 아이오츠타에타이다토카


    Month ago

    머야 더듬이 극복하셧나보넹

  • Julien BRnes

    Julien BRnes

    Month ago


  • Samuel


    Month ago

    I actually don't have a problem with Banana, but any word starting with a vowel should be banned. I run out of air and get lightheaded by the end of all sentences starting with an "A" or an "E".

  • Bobstheman


    Month ago

    I feared him saying raid shadow legend

  • Wade


    Month ago

    Omgosh the bit in the beginning of the video is so good

  • Karma


    Month ago

    was wondering how many people got the Charizard joke



    Month ago

    _"yep, you have it"_ 😂

  • Idk any good names _

    Idk any good names _

    Month ago

    I felt this
    The other day me and my mom where playing wahoo with my grandmother have a discussion. Bananas came up and my mom is severely allergic and pointed out that even being touched by them . I decided to be funny and say “ Throws banana at her !” ..... instead it came out at “ Throws Bananer at ..... bananer?!” At this point I’m laughing and tried to say it again but I said bananer again . I finally said it right after saying it slowly

  • Papyr


    Month ago

    getting scared that he was gonna say raid shadow legends

  • Elizabeth Nna

    Elizabeth Nna

    Month ago

    Yay! Congrats on the wedding!

  • White Stripe

    White Stripe

    Month ago

    Was the "Cashman Casino" thing part of your act or are you for real on that?? I'm only asking because I just watched you for the first time destroying a drunk heckler and thought it was brilliant. So I thought "gotta find some more stuff from this guy" and I came here, to my second viewing of your stuff, and that is what I was greeted with!

  • Syvanah Coeur

    Syvanah Coeur

    Month ago

    he doesn't sound like hes stuttering at all in the beginning.

  • La-La Smith

    La-La Smith

    Month ago

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 good job saying ramadan

  • truepeacenik


    Month ago

    It is cool to meet someone at your stutter or lisp level. I have both, mild, and I have this warm recognition when I hear it in the wild.
    Where is the union hall? solidarity!

  • Aunna McGregor

    Aunna McGregor

    Month ago

    I don't consider mine to be a stutter. I just get stuck on words sometimes accidently talk two children that eat was e-e-eat. Oops

  • Crystal


    Month ago

    The Pokémon joke!! I loved it!

  • [• Lunaqxii •]

    [• Lunaqxii •]

    Month ago

    The fact that he didn't stutter throughout the intro makes me feel so weird-

  • J C

    J C

    Month ago

    I've heard of carbon monoxide poisoning in the house, but never helium.

  • shecutie


    Month ago


  • Sami Poole

    Sami Poole

    Month ago

    I love how he wasn’t even a heckler! Ahh I love this channel!

  • Batchof Cookies

    Batchof Cookies

    Month ago

    Does she talk funny too?

  • Somebody Call Nine What What

    Somebody Call Nine What What

    Month ago

    Weird question but would saying the forth number rather than four work? Third number for 3 etc I don't have a stutter so I can't imagine the difficulty

  • StrateUpGamr


    Month ago


  • Karen McCormack

    Karen McCormack

    Month ago

    one of the funniest comedians. EVER!!! So smart and great with improv.

  • Geronimo


    Month ago

    I was absolutely expecting the ad to be for raid shadow legends

  • Cosette Lewallen

    Cosette Lewallen

    Month ago

    Try speaking Tagalog!

  • Rigel Chiokis

    Rigel Chiokis

    Month ago

    I think you're really funny and I like how you use your stutter as a tool for your performances. I have, not a stutter, more like a complete and total stall. I can't start speaking on the vowel sound "e". My birth name started with an "e" (Eric). Whever someone asked me "what's your name" I couldn't answer with that one word; Eric. I had to say "it's Eric" or "I'm Eric". So I legally changed my name to something that starts with an "r" because that one doesn't stall me. We learn to work around these things, right? P.S. congratulations on getting engaged! I hope the two of you have a long and happy life together, free of bananas.