The Difference Between Trump and Biden Supporters

Published on Nov 12, 2020
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The Difference Between Trump and Biden Supporters
Just wait for it.

Drew Lynch is an objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom.

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Drew Lynch
  • kubel83


    13 hours ago


  • Sparkling Bud Light

    Sparkling Bud Light

    19 hours ago

    Covid. Corona. It's here.
    Me: 🤣

  • Justhereforcleaning


    5 days ago

    That was the longest build up to a joke I ever witnessed and I love it

  • AveryJAwesome


    8 days ago

    Oh my days, I love it when comedians can attack both sides. A lot of comedy just demonizes one end and when it happens over and over again it starts to become less of a joke and more of an opinion. But when you can just come together and bash on everyone it's the best feeling ever

  • Alice Mannley

    Alice Mannley

    9 days ago

    Well we had a good run through now that you've broke moved into the woke I'm going to have to leave now

  • 1BeGe


    12 days ago

    Well done. Just enough light roasting of both sides. That was art.

  • Ryan Gibson

    Ryan Gibson

    16 days ago

    I wish I could stutter. Wait a minute!

  • Channel Nobody Watches

    Channel Nobody Watches

    19 days ago

    "Stutter steppin' up those steps" was PROPHETIC.

  • SkeltonJack Gaming

    SkeltonJack Gaming

    Month ago

    Ohhhhhh. My. God.

  • TheBrightRedElephant


    Month ago

    LMAO! You're confusing stuttering to someone who can't put a coherent sentence together because he's a moron

  • Lance Kilkenny

    Lance Kilkenny

    Month ago

    Pretty funny

  • Ben J

    Ben J

    Month ago

    This is the most honest thing ever and I love it

  • Ramiro Alejandro

    Ramiro Alejandro

    Month ago

    Never unsubscribed so fast in my life.

  • Cat Hat

    Cat Hat

    Month ago

    You look Like an evil villain who just said there master plan .

  • Bree


    Month ago

    The last one took so long to come around but it did and it was great lmao

  • StrateUpGamr


    Month ago

    When trump was elected, there were cheetos like
    "Ah! Just like me!"

  • Don’t ask

    Don’t ask

    Month ago

    This aged horribly lol

  • Serhii Barkov

    Serhii Barkov

    Month ago

    im so impressed by how much youve grown since agt, your delivery and you stage presence and your jokes have come a long way, definitely one of my favourite comedians

  • Brian Platt

    Brian Platt

    Month ago

    You still happy with your choice?

  • ColdMoonlight


    Month ago

    Biden is dangerous

  • pisswobble


    Month ago

    This isn't ageing well

  • ADWP _

    ADWP _

    Month ago

    0:35 this didn’t age well

  • Narwholl


    Month ago

    Youtube be like "Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of election results."
    I be like "did I ask?"

  • Adrian Rodríguez

    Adrian Rodríguez

    Month ago

    I couldn't find the setup funny because it is clear that Trumpists hate the left just as much if not more. I know it's a joke, but he's phrasing it as if he's observing something real, when it's not true. Great punchline, though.

  • wendy louise

    wendy louise

    Month ago

    Is this all improv.and off the cuff or does he write a script for his show?

    • Jared Schmidt

      Jared Schmidt

      Month ago

      I imagine he thinks of what he’ll say ahead of time but then improvs the way he delivers it when up on stage by playing off the audience.

  • Eric Latshaw

    Eric Latshaw

    Month ago

    We President Trump supporters do not hate other people because of their race, sexuality, or anything that non Trump supporters say that we hate about them.

  • [UN]CommonSense


    2 months ago

    0:00 I think that's the quickest I've ever gone from hating to adoring someone LOL

  • Bread


    2 months ago

    He dressed like Ed Sheeran in this video

  • Memeology


    2 months ago

    He really said at the end I do my little Dancy dance

  • DarthRakdos 0805

    DarthRakdos 0805

    2 months ago

    With all due respect. We need Trump back.

  • Patrick Broadhead

    Patrick Broadhead

    2 months ago

    He studders up those steps, means a whole new thing. In his, almost 50 years of public "service" he's never shuddered. If anyone should be offended by the studder argument, it should be you. Biden supporters hate solely based on opinion. Hey Drew, I love your work, and I respect your opinion, I'd never hate for most reasons, other than, people who hate or are racist, sexist, or pedophiles (yes I put all of them in the same category).

  • Jesi Carter

    Jesi Carter

    2 months ago

    This was so well done. You let the tension in the room build up & then boom! Pure comedy 🤣 & very well delivered 👏 👾

  • Spectral cheese

    Spectral cheese

    2 months ago

    Biden: "I- I- uh I- hmm"
    Drew: Augh😩

  • sweeten lemons

    sweeten lemons

    2 months ago

    Omg this was 5 months ago 😭

  • Swede's Speed Shop

    Swede's Speed Shop

    2 months ago

    so hows that biden vote working out for you ? lololol

    • Daniel Alorbi

      Daniel Alorbi

      Month ago

      he voted kanye

  • friscokid21


    2 months ago

    This was hilarious! Identity politics is getting way too out of hand. We can have differing opinions, and still have a good time with each other. People need to remember what it was like when we could all laugh at jokes about each other, with each other, but most importantly, we have to get back to the point where we are able to laugh at ourselves again.

  • Kallie


    2 months ago

    Stutter stepping up those steps is a whole new meaning after watching him trip up the stairs

  • Danielle


    2 months ago


  • Osvald Wulf

    Osvald Wulf

    2 months ago

    This guy is so so damn funny. I cracked up so much.

  • Aaron Sanchez

    Aaron Sanchez

    2 months ago

    I almost almost died at the "COVID: It's here" section lmao

  • cart1270 cart1270

    cart1270 cart1270

    2 months ago

    Why does he look so uncomfortable in this clip

  • Eric is a bad bad man

    Eric is a bad bad man

    2 months ago

    Haha my mother supports Trump and she attacks biden whenever we talk politics or really the democrats in general

  • Ted Instead

    Ted Instead

    2 months ago

    This guy is awesome!

  • Kaitlin Schneider

    Kaitlin Schneider

    2 months ago

    Honestly it’s hard for me to have the same amount of respect for someone who likes Trump because he’s just so… him. I don’t completely stop talking to them tho, I just try not to get into politics with them🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ajwad Raza

    Ajwad Raza

    2 months ago

    Wow! It's been a while since I have seen good political comedy. Thank you Drew
    You're the best. Bless you!!

  • •XxMelon GachaxX•

    •XxMelon GachaxX•

    2 months ago

    me before i watch the video: biden
    will update after i watch video
    after: biden still bitchessss

  • Mae Mae

    Mae Mae

    2 months ago

    My grandmother disowned my family because we voted for Biden ✋😔

  • Kyrkogrim


    2 months ago

    I honestly hate both of them. Trump is a tool and Biden is a nonce. America has lost the ability to elect a normal person lol

  • Kelsey Tabor

    Kelsey Tabor

    2 months ago

    What’s not a joke is a person who was a Biden supporter found out I voted Trump ACTUALLY stopped talking to me, even though we had been in each others’ lives for 8 yrs🙃

  • Hugebitch


    2 months ago

    So very true they want to kill u if u say something

  • Bryan Hagan

    Bryan Hagan

    2 months ago

    except that it's dementia, not a stutter

  • Sal Goodman

    Sal Goodman

    2 months ago

    Now look at your stats. Did I lie?

  • Sal Goodman

    Sal Goodman

    2 months ago

    I just subscribed to unsubscribe. I really liked you drew. Still like your liberal choice?



    2 months ago

    Who am I kidding he's going to text the f*** out of everyone



    2 months ago

    Well Mr comedian I hope you make more than 400,000 a year cuz Biden is going to attack the f*** out of you

  • Kyle Nelson

    Kyle Nelson

    2 months ago

    "stutter stepping up those steps" oof, that aged a little too well

  • CeinX


    2 months ago

    Drew why'd you have to do this

  • Random Rangoon

    Random Rangoon

    2 months ago

    Stutter stepping up those steps hahah

  • Claudia Pose

    Claudia Pose

    2 months ago

    “Mmmmmmmm MAGA, MAGA”
    that got me DYING 😂😂

  • Brett Lee

    Brett Lee

    2 months ago

    lost me at "i want biden to win" hes killed innocent people in syria, cant get behind that

    • Stonks Stonkiston

      Stonks Stonkiston

      2 months ago

      @•Lovely day!• I'm intrigued as to what you mean by killed Americans? I'm from Malta so I can keep up to a certain extent but I haven't heard of this

    • •Lovely day!•

      •Lovely day!•

      2 months ago

      Neither of them are that good, but he was saying that because he Biden stutters too. Also Trump killed many Americans. Soo don’t want to get political but you kind of have to choose one.

  • Koo Tae

    Koo Tae

    2 months ago

    oh nono i’ve seen someone get attacked by trump supporters because they voted biden. and the threats they made to kill all biden supporters- it’s honestly scary. haven’t seen liberals threaten anyone like that, but do tell me if it has ever happened.

    • Stonks Stonkiston

      Stonks Stonkiston

      2 months ago

      Sure thing, theres been multiple accounts of violence which you can easily find with a few searches but one of my favourite examples is an attack that occurred on the 14th of November 2020. A Trump supporter was trying to get away from a group of anti Trump supporters and was surrounded, he tried to scare them off but unfortunately there were too many of them and he was knocked out. There on the floor he was continuously kicked and videod until he gained consciousness and other Trump supporters came to his aid

  • Ventrex


    2 months ago

    POV: your heat after joe is trying to start ww3

  • H.I.S Automotive

    H.I.S Automotive

    2 months ago

    Does joe Biden actually stutter

  • I'm American

    I'm American

    2 months ago

    4:02 spittin straight facts

  • Rashadow


    2 months ago

    Wow bravo!! Going into politics jokes in 2020 in america is a minefield. But you just managed to keep the level verry balanced and light. The only way this might work. Hat off!

  • Mel Taylor

    Mel Taylor

    2 months ago

    I have the smallest hands that I know of and didn't realise trump had tiny hands. I was too distracted by the hole on his face.

  • a tadpole

    a tadpole

    2 months ago

    wait... most trump supporters respect your opinion? my sister didnt even say anything, and the entire school bullied her for having parents that voted biden. my grade is less bad but there were still some people who bullied me for that too.

  • James Holder

    James Holder

    2 months ago

    You can tell it was an issue he wanted to joke about but he's 100% correct. We don't listen and respect eachother. The tension is very high. I feel the same way though. I respect others opinions because at the end of the day who am I to judge you and your choices or life? Its really none of my business.

  • Teresa Welcome

    Teresa Welcome

    2 months ago

    Looks like you've got some extra weight on your shoulders. We feel it with you, man. This year is like a load of anxiety dropped on the world. I hope you talk to some real people who get the details. There is always someone who feels as deeply as you. #dontendit

  • Ocelia Bell

    Ocelia Bell

    2 months ago

    All the 1.2k dislikes are trump supportes

  • -Ana_Banana-


    2 months ago

    I think this guy is the only one who can say ‘’I don’t respect women voting” without offending anyone

  • Kusuo's Coffeejelly

    Kusuo's Coffeejelly

    2 months ago

    You haven't met West Virginia Republicans then....

  • The Bearded Paladin

    The Bearded Paladin

    2 months ago

    its here

  • Emily Kuessner

    Emily Kuessner

    3 months ago

    Too bad Trump didn't win, it was rigdid :(

  • XxBloodMoon_Eclipse_xX


    3 months ago

    Him: that's just like me!
    Me: so you smell little girls hair?...😶

  • Beakytzw


    3 months ago

    You can see in the future... You mentioned Biden Stuttering up those steps lol. He sure as shit stuttered up Air Force 1's steps the other day :D

  • Karen Linares

    Karen Linares

    3 months ago

    Why does the camera quality make it look like it's a video from 90s Kentucky?

  • Leafgreen 25

    Leafgreen 25

    3 months ago

    The laST BIT I'M DYING



    3 months ago

    lmfao that was hilarious

  • Jenx2a


    3 months ago

    No one:

    I voted for Kanye, fck you

    • Jenx2a


      3 months ago

      @Turkey Sandwhich’s just what he said and I thought it was funny?

    • Turkey Sandwhich

      Turkey Sandwhich

      3 months ago

      That's dumb.

  • Channel Nobody Watches

    Channel Nobody Watches

    3 months ago

    He doesn't stutter.

  • nightwave 74

    nightwave 74

    3 months ago

    trump supporter approved

  • Pierce


    3 months ago

    I don’t stay friends with people that are trump supporters because I know they don’t support my rights, simple as that

    • Turkey Sandwhich

      Turkey Sandwhich

      3 months ago

      Honestly I am not a trump supporter but thats really stupid.

    • drn


      3 months ago


  • Blue Dragon

    Blue Dragon

    3 months ago

    My left ear enjoyed the hilariousness of this video 😂😂

  • Jeremiah RC

    Jeremiah RC

    3 months ago

    Other way around for me. I cut off most of my democrat friends. Beta male soy boy baby killers stay far away from me and take your feminist and 15 genders with you.

  • Peirce


    3 months ago

    Lol say what you want but had prices are already in the 2.70s and being killed out here 😂

  • Angie's ASMR

    Angie's ASMR

    3 months ago

    That proves their level of intelligence.

  • Sam R

    Sam R

    3 months ago

    Just heard this joke tonight at your show in Portland... wish I had heard some new jokes. But it was a good show!!

  • Aaron Chan

    Aaron Chan

    3 months ago

    Was this made in the 90’s

  • Eva Mendez

    Eva Mendez

    3 months ago

    I don't respect women voting killed me 😂😂

  • ium dunno

    ium dunno

    3 months ago

    I'm a Trump supporter

    • bLaNk_cAnvAs


      3 months ago

      oh no

  • Katy Marie

    Katy Marie

    3 months ago

    Drew: There’s a bunny under this hat.
    Me: Oh really? Let’s see.
    Drew: Are you sure? It’s white and fluffy and v-v-very jumpy?
    Me: me.
    Drew: *picks hat up to reveal puppy*
    Me: You deceived me and yet I’m happier.

    ^^^this is kind of how I felt during this clip just so ya know

  • SkyGuy510X


    3 months ago

    i know people say this (at least i see it a lot), but every time i watch one of his videos, i fr cannot stop smiling :)

  • Johnny Boy328

    Johnny Boy328

    3 months ago

    We need to stop pretending joes lack of cognitive ability is a stutter, watch any of his videos from pre 2015, dude doesn’t have a stutter.

  • Robert Nicholson

    Robert Nicholson

    3 months ago

    Its funny cause Biden hates gays

    • bLaNk_cAnvAs


      3 months ago

      no he doesn’t stop lying

  • Gin Marie

    Gin Marie

    3 months ago

    Drew Lynch is giving off that young Robin Williams vibe. Hell of a set.

  • Jennifer Bittle

    Jennifer Bittle

    3 months ago

    1.2 thousand people used their tiny hands to dislike this video.

    • bLaNk_cAnvAs


      3 months ago


  • Daemo Arkenstone

    Daemo Arkenstone

    3 months ago

    Your Humour is what we need now, you pandered and also took the piss out of both sides. perfection

  • Nancy Parsons

    Nancy Parsons

    3 months ago

    I was at this show! U were adorable and hilarious!

  • Mr Me

    Mr Me

    3 months ago

    I like that he pointed out how hateful anti trumpers always are. Made it a balanced joke