That Time I Roasted An Immigrant

Published on May 14, 2020
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That Time I Roasted An Immigrant

Drew Lynch is an objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom.

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Drew Lynch
  • Michael Jennings

    Michael Jennings

    Month ago

    Ong drew lynch is rhe only person in the world can win a roast and stutter lmao

  • Blazeboy


    Month ago

    Im in tears, im canadian and literally woke up to this and started the day off right. This guy kills me man i just love this guy tonnes. Hoffstetter and Lynch are my 2 fav comedians

  • Gabriel


    Month ago

    I lost it when she apologized

  • re5o28


    Month ago

    If Anna from Canada sold bananas to Hannah Montana...
    Drew (thinking to self): "Yeah, y-y-you ca-can-can just go **** yourself."

  • E m

    E m

    2 months ago

    I’m Canadian AND I DON’T EVEN FRICKING SAY SORRY WHEN I’M SUPPOSED TO literally say it for no reason I say one weird thing automatically says sorry LIKE WHAT I DIDN’T EVEN THINK

  • Pure OGKush420

    Pure OGKush420

    2 months ago

    Bruh u make improv look so easy keep killing that shit been here since agt

  • T1AONation


    2 months ago

    Does anyone else think maybe that guy was just boringly excited instead of saying yes 🤔

  • Hayden M

    Hayden M

    2 months ago

    his laugh brings me so much joy-

  • Jeffy Dahmer

    Jeffy Dahmer

    2 months ago

    I love his scatting LOL

  • ShovelArt


    2 months ago


  • Julie Quinn

    Julie Quinn

    2 months ago

    The most amazing comedian ever omg I’m still dying laughing 😂

  • Mike Ropanis

    Mike Ropanis

    2 months ago

    Stuttering skatting and plays it on himself! He roast himself for the guy as he is roasting the guy🤯

  • Mike Ropanis

    Mike Ropanis

    2 months ago

    Man just think about how much he does right in the moment and how much material he slays bitches with then he has fuckin more!

  • Ted Instead

    Ted Instead

    2 months ago

    This guy can make me laugh on the dentist chair

  • Donald Lang

    Donald Lang

    3 months ago

    His apathy is par for the course of us Winnipegers, we don't care about shit, except our football team and Hockey team

  • Nobody


    3 months ago

    Fun fact : Scatman John (a famous scatter) actually had a stutter, and that was why he decided to scat rather than just usual singing!

  • Mustafa Motiwala

    Mustafa Motiwala

    3 months ago

    what in the fuck? is yay not, like a universal english thing. my god

  • Elizabeth the 3rd

    Elizabeth the 3rd

    3 months ago

    He likes jazz😎



    3 months ago

    That sums up canadians.
    "Are you from canada"

  • Jenica Rosenau

    Jenica Rosenau

    3 months ago

    My dream is to come to one of your shows

    That is my only dream

  • BlackPaw


    3 months ago

    His laugh sounds like emmo and i love him for it

  • CamoSquid21


    3 months ago

    I always love the laugh

  • LakeoftheWoodsMusketry


    3 months ago

    I’m confused how has drew been in Canada the border has been closed for over a year now and this video says 9 months

  • Bryan May

    Bryan May

    3 months ago

    That scatting joke was brilliant

  • Just Gaming

    Just Gaming

    3 months ago

    i feel insalted eh

  • Caleb Warnock

    Caleb Warnock

    3 months ago

    His stutter is an automatic jazz machine

  • onekingdom1


    3 months ago


  • nina Zigic

    nina Zigic

    3 months ago

    winnipeg gang ig

  • Cryptic Arcane

    Cryptic Arcane

    3 months ago

    I get confused for a canadian all the time as a northern Minnesotan. And one of the biggest problems we have is people dealing with the yay gap.

  • NeoXOver


    3 months ago

    Shoutout to Three Days Grace tho!

  • Doctor


    3 months ago

    he needs a netflix special i swear he cracks me up every time

  • Hot cousin Dave

    Hot cousin Dave

    3 months ago


  • cometpowell


    3 months ago

    Crazy! Winnipeg represent! Well i guess represent what we dont have lol

  • Hailey Blocka

    Hailey Blocka

    3 months ago

    The scatting at the end reminded me of Jimmy from south park 🤣

  • Sumnaung Oung

    Sumnaung Oung

    3 months ago

    This is probably the darkest time in my life. I’m glad I can watch you and get a good laugh. God knows I need it.

    • Sumnaung Oung

      Sumnaung Oung

      3 months ago

      @Vishal PAREKH I’m trying, thank you so much

    • Vishal PAREKH

      Vishal PAREKH

      3 months ago

      Stay happy

  • Pip


    3 months ago

    His canadian scat sounded like Popeye

  • AdventureKitty101


    3 months ago

    Canadians, we apologize for everything, even if it's not our fault. Lol. I'm just glad we exist since we are wholesome. Also because I'm alive. XD

  • Madison Taylor

    Madison Taylor

    4 months ago

    I don't know if the scatting is so bad because of his stutter or he's just really bad at scatting.

  • Yamilet Solorio

    Yamilet Solorio

    4 months ago


  • Potato that tickles his pickle

    Potato that tickles his pickle

    4 months ago

    Yeah I didn't know scat had a other meaning, like a not gross meaning

  • Gøth Førest

    Gøth Førest

    4 months ago

    not sure why they're laughing the entire video

  • 01AnnaBanana10


    5 months ago

    I'm surprised he didn't say where the hell is Winnipeg? 😭

  • Matthew Polowy

    Matthew Polowy

    5 months ago


  • Bri Bri

    Bri Bri

    5 months ago

    nothing in this world will ever be as cute as drew's delighted giggle prove me wrong

  • Wannabe Catman

    Wannabe Catman

    5 months ago

    Drew: Do you play or...?-
    Rando: *Yes*

  • noel hutchins

    noel hutchins

    6 months ago

    nobody has a better excuse to scat jazz ever then hu uh heh huh hmm Yes Him!

  • Josue's Vlog's

    Josue's Vlog's

    6 months ago

    This was not funny....

  • Klajdi Koni

    Klajdi Koni

    6 months ago

    The laugh is creepy

  • Teltachuwhet Baker

    Teltachuwhet Baker

    6 months ago


  • Patriot


    6 months ago

    Oh shit this was in OKC, that's awesome.

  • Avaxran


    7 months ago

    Eyy another Manitoba lad represent!
    Winnipeg is the city. (:

  • Pixie Souter

    Pixie Souter

    7 months ago

    Three days grace are Canadian?

  • Kimberly Nicole

    Kimberly Nicole

    7 months ago

    Everything is sticky.

  • Gloomy dark

    Gloomy dark

    7 months ago

    The scatting in the end was amazing😂

  • Alex Reynolds

    Alex Reynolds

    7 months ago

    Drew needs to come to Kansas city

  • Connor Jensen

    Connor Jensen

    7 months ago

    One of my favourite comedians, been watching you since AGT, so funny, would love to go to a show one day!

  • lildipper


    7 months ago

    He never finished his sentence before the Canadian clapped...

  • A Gled

    A Gled

    8 months ago

    Remember the time he was too nice to roast anyone 😂

  • Owen Unten

    Owen Unten

    8 months ago

    I'm from Minnesota does that count as Canadian??

  • kermit the frog

    kermit the frog

    8 months ago

    im sad someone didint say : yah like jazz~

  • MorganG1001


    8 months ago

    As a Canadian, I love this video so much

  • HighDiddleDoodles


    9 months ago

    I love how he just starts laughing in the middle of his acts, he's totally improving it and just laughing at himself like: Holy shit I'm FUNNY AS *H E L L*

  • Radical __noble

    Radical __noble

    9 months ago

    I cant believe I got a canadian immigration ad at the start of the video.

  • cooper


    9 months ago

    as a fellow winnipeger (yes that’s actually what we’re called) i’m sorry on behalf of that man for not playing along!

  • Justin culbertson

    Justin culbertson

    9 months ago


  • WhyYungGod


    9 months ago

    I'm from Canada ehhhh. No lie

  • Concerned Commenter

    Concerned Commenter

    9 months ago

    Dude said “yay”
    And “I play jazz on the piano”
    And he got *that*

  • brokebastard


    9 months ago

    I didn't hear him stutter once, but he sure knew how to Scatt.

  • Joe M

    Joe M

    9 months ago

    While funny, I find this a bit distasteful. They guy told you his aspirations and you relentlessly made fun of him for it. When I was younger, I wanted to go to culinary school but my brothers constantly made fun of me for wanting to do that so I went to business school instead. Now I am unsatisfied every single day. In my opinion, Drew, you crossed the line a little bit there and I think this guy may have left your show a bit angry with you. People have their passions and I would respect you a lot more if you respected that fact.

  • Becca M

    Becca M

    9 months ago

    As a Canadian I am laughing so hard

  • JC


    9 months ago

    As a Canadian, I approve and endorse this video. I know no one asked me. Sorry.

  • •Jess •

    •Jess •

    9 months ago

    He has the best laugh

  • Kenny Kanzig

    Kenny Kanzig

    9 months ago


  • casey_ 99

    casey_ 99

    9 months ago

    I'm convinced he's just high every show 😂

  • Treemzerb Jinglebin

    Treemzerb Jinglebin

    10 months ago

    As a Canadian this crap is hilarious 😂

  • BepTweBot


    10 months ago

    almost 666 comments omg

  • Jamie Jo Shoemaker

    Jamie Jo Shoemaker

    10 months ago

    Love the skull hoodie your wearing!

  • Farley 925

    Farley 925

    10 months ago

    It's taken me a while to figure out why his laugh was so familiar. But In this video, while trying to scat, he sounded like Doug funny. And then it hit me. Roger Klotz. His laugh is Roger Klotz. And love it 🤣

  • zeke lepsi

    zeke lepsi

    10 months ago

    You know it is still racist if they are Canadian.

  • Genospark


    10 months ago

    Are you from Canada ?
    Man in a deep and depressed voice : *_y a y_*

  • Samantha H

    Samantha H

    10 months ago

    He sang the beginning of Oh Canada beautifully! Most Americans don't even know how it starts 😅

  • Tasha Moraites

    Tasha Moraites

    10 months ago

    He's so acting like Jeff Dunham

  • Ivy Simeon

    Ivy Simeon

    10 months ago

    I like your laugh sir..very cute..❤

  • oneshot_me


    10 months ago

    Enjoyed your video so gave it a Thumbs Up

  • Shadowcat


    10 months ago

    You're cuter than a Guinea pig, I wanna take you down to Winniepeg

  • Nathan


    11 months ago

    Notice me senpaiii

  • R


    11 months ago

    **gasps in Canadian**

  • airhost2000


    11 months ago

    i think I love you

  • Clumsy Ramen

    Clumsy Ramen

    11 months ago

    Why did the skat at the end remind me of when someone is talking over like a loudspeaker at school with there mouth to close to the mic, so you can only make out certain words and your like “what the hell are you saying ya old hag?!”

  • HeYo Boo

    HeYo Boo

    11 months ago

    Wow his more Canadian then me

  • Caitlin The Noodle

    Caitlin The Noodle

    11 months ago

    I love his laugh it’s so micky mouse ish

  • Mrwruble


    11 months ago

    "Everything is sticky and you dont know what's syrup."
    As a Canadian I can confidently say

    *It's all syrup.*

  • Mrwruble


    11 months ago

    Um. I'm canadian. I play in a jazz band. Very fitting for me 😂

  • Mrwruble


    11 months ago

    I'm so sad I missed him when he came to Canada 😢
    He was in my frikkin cityyyyy 😭

  • SavvyRose UwU

    SavvyRose UwU

    11 months ago

    The end looked like he was seizing bro

  • Zoinks Exodiak

    Zoinks Exodiak

    11 months ago

    When he scats it sounds like he’s speaking in reverse

  • Rebecca Houser

    Rebecca Houser

    11 months ago

    i like this one cuz i’m canadian. but it definitely is not as cold year round in some parts than u think

  • Tsumixi


    11 months ago

    “I’m sorry” no it’s- “she’s Canadian”
    It all connects now

  • Lila Tz.

    Lila Tz.

    11 months ago

    I don't know what scatting is 😂

  • Nikki Webb

    Nikki Webb

    11 months ago

    The ending freaking killed me😂😂😂