That Time I Got My Own Hype Man

Published on Apr 9, 2020
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That Time I Got My Own Hype Man
I guess I need to become a rapper.

Drew Lynch is an objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom.

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Drew Lynch
  • Aaron Hager

    Aaron Hager

    2 days ago

    I was the dude that asked who the woo guy is. This was one of the best nights of my life. Met Donnie outside after the show, he was a burly sumbitch😂

  • detective dirty

    detective dirty

    2 months ago

    I know Donnie personally!!

  • Ella K

    Ella K

    3 months ago

    Comedy 101: Be a dumbass, curse a lot, make fun of people who interrupt, say ALOT of random shit

  • Cherry-blossom Whisper

    Cherry-blossom Whisper

    3 months ago

    I wonder if he ruined that microphone... he is so good at making jokes about almost anything that is true talent!

  • MrPokemon11


    5 months ago

    Donnie the corrections officer
    “What did you do?”
    “I killed a man.”

  • 3rr0r_404_Sans


    5 months ago

    This dude is the best god dang comedian I’ve ever seen

  • Nicolas Larrazabal

    Nicolas Larrazabal

    6 months ago

    That poor mic...

  • Crazy Arizonan

    Crazy Arizonan

    6 months ago

    Drew your laugh is the best

  • Kenny from Philly

    Kenny from Philly

    8 months ago

    What kind of comedy club requires people wear coats inside? Was this in Alaska or Northern Canada?

  • Chloe


    9 months ago

    I like the way he ran to the stool to play the warden in his own little skit

  • Mansquatch


    9 months ago

    Maybe my fave Drew video ever. Some of the funniest crowd work I’ve ever seen.

  • Marhathor


    10 months ago

    He really should let go of the man's private, you know...

  • Cody May

    Cody May

    10 months ago

    He is different here? Any one else feel that. While watching this it was off.

    • catharine orellana

      catharine orellana

      4 months ago

      NO! He was HILARIOUS!!! Great improv!

  • CJ K

    CJ K

    10 months ago

    I love how you laugh at your own jokes, it's just like- "hey! I'm naturally funny!" And it's amazing 😂

  • UniSpaceLlama 13

    UniSpaceLlama 13

    10 months ago

    Who else was screaming when he touched the curtain and ran the mic along the wall, I said NO that isn’t good for the curtain and microphone

    • UniSpaceLlama 13

      UniSpaceLlama 13

      4 months ago

      @catharine orellana makes sense but I’m in theatre and it reminds me of how much trouble I would get in if I did any of that

    • catharine orellana

      catharine orellana

      4 months ago

      I was screaming. But with laughter at the comedy skit he was putting on. I, for one, wasn't getting all "Karen" about the mike or curtain. Most professionals (musicians, comedians, et al) have their own mikes anyway, rather than relying on a potentially sketchy house mike.

  • Andres Crisostomo

    Andres Crisostomo

    10 months ago

    Rip pop smoke😳

  • SusieoftheAnna


    11 months ago


  • Brinley Parke

    Brinley Parke

    11 months ago

    I love that he puts the words on the screen bc it can be hard to understand the ppl in the audience. So I think it's so great that he not only puts so much effort into his shows but also into his videos

    • catharine orellana

      catharine orellana

      4 months ago

      Nice mention! That hadn't occurred to me. I've been obsessed with how he puts Stella's awesome mental comments on the vids, but I hadn't thought about his putting subtitles on the stand up shows. Thanks for mentioning this. It DOES make it easier to understand the audience. Now just one MORE reason to love Drew!!! WOOO!

  • Tatum Bunker Tatum Bunker

    Tatum Bunker Tatum Bunker

    11 months ago

    I have discovered my favorite comedian.

  • Madison Arsenault

    Madison Arsenault

    11 months ago

    is it just me or did it just go from one wooo! guy to like what 100? 50? people idk really the whole building turned and is it just me or is drew be like a world wide comedian king because everytime i cant not stop laughing ( and i just noticed this man got 3 mil and possibly more woo! guys that for sure.

  • Razzain


    Year ago

    Description: Drew Lynch is a objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom.
    Me; but.. my mom isn't around... who do I ask?

  • Lyss Renee

    Lyss Renee

    Year ago

    He’s the guy that would say “ WOOOO!! Wtf is up Kyle!”

  • 「 ThatOnePerson 」

    「 ThatOnePerson 」

    Year ago

    _A small part of me died every time he dabbed._

  • Lednicky Ilaiu

    Lednicky Ilaiu

    Year ago

    I wonder if drew will get into movies like Kevin hart

    • catharine orellana

      catharine orellana

      4 months ago

      Hope not. Movies kill stand-up comedians.

  • asa3009hazel


    Year ago

    I got a question why do I hear ms Donnie over donnie?

  • Beautifully Unique

    Beautifully Unique

    Year ago

    I friggin love Drew's laugh.😭❤

  • Randomu Fujoshi

    Randomu Fujoshi

    Year ago

    I refuse to believe that mic is on a cord.🤣🤣🤣

  • Maggie T

    Maggie T

    Year ago

    Omg I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣



    Year ago

    I want to adopt you Drew. You're so endearing. Next time you come to Las Vegas, if you let me know, my husband and I would love to take you and whomever came with you (your lady, your dog, a sidekick) out for lunch. Unless it's summertime then it has to be dinner because I can't stand the summer daytime heat! We'll pay and you can even keep the receipt for your tax reductions if you want. :) You can find me on Instagram @ realdarla if you're interested. My husband and kids all love your videos too.

  • Wa'el


    Year ago

    poor microphone

  • Cisco Berrones

    Cisco Berrones

    Year ago

    No intro, straight to the action. He handled the obnoxious very well!

  • truthless louw

    truthless louw

    Year ago

    I have not laughed this much in a long time 😂😂

  • Sarah


    Year ago

    His hoddie is literally w h i t e

  • CaptnKarl


    Year ago

    1:54 I'm in tears man...laughing so hard

  • Ali Baba

    Ali Baba

    Year ago

    Woooooo Drew
    You should take that guy on tour with you. 😃😃😃

  • Hungry Bamba

    Hungry Bamba

    Year ago

    That floored me. As usual bruh! I gotta come see you first chance i get! This is ridiculous :(

  • Ellie Smart

    Ellie Smart

    Year ago

    Drew: has a long technical difficulty video also Drew: drags microphone on the wall

  • Element_87


    Year ago

    People who he picks on in the audience be like "Ppppplease don't"

  • Ameran Logithasan

    Ameran Logithasan

    Year ago

    3:00 was his ??? What happens to it

  • Vash Staple

    Vash Staple

    Year ago

    Greatest intros of all of YouTube

  • ButtercupUp


    Year ago

    Oh my god, I just laughed so hard I cried

  • Washkabe


    Year ago

    "It takes energy to be Donnie." You have no idea, Drew

  • Jennifer Cox

    Jennifer Cox

    Year ago

    I love this guy!

  • micahel schmidt

    micahel schmidt

    Year ago

    Is this jacket changing colors? Or am I tripping

  • Dio Brando

    Dio Brando

    Year ago

    Is it just me.....
    Or his laugh during the performance is actually priceless?

  • Zach Shah

    Zach Shah

    Year ago

    i respect ur craft dude not many comedians make me literally laugh out loud but you sir are a comedic genious

  • Jobert


    Year ago

    poor mic

  • Nate Cornell

    Nate Cornell

    Year ago

    Should have said the mic was his baton as he slapped it against the bars of the cells “woooooo” that toilet liquor good!wooooooo

  • Kirsten Courtney

    Kirsten Courtney

    Year ago

    I just realized Drew kind of looks like Klaus Michaelson from The Originals.

  • Jojo Butchi

    Jojo Butchi

    Year ago


  • leathernluv


    Year ago

    I sure hope I get to see one of your shows this year! You are awesome!

  • Sharikh Khaan

    Sharikh Khaan

    Year ago

    He puts the WOO! in Wuhan.

  • Arielle


    Year ago

    I hope when I get older I could go and see one of his shows! 😂 but I'm very young. Another 7 years and I WILL go see a show of drew lynch!

  • Bri Bri

    Bri Bri

    Year ago

    i love his laugh! he's so happy with his own jokes it's contagious :D

  • The Bloach

    The Bloach

    Year ago

    OMG LOLZ!!! Working in the jail industry I found your 'Donnie the Woo" Correctional Officer just so very awesome!!! 'LET'S SHANK SOME HOES!' I would give that bit ten thumbs up if it was possible!

  • Leigh Mok

    Leigh Mok

    Year ago


  • Crazy Lam Official

    Crazy Lam Official

    Year ago

    Drew do you stutter when you kiss

  • Vortex - Overwatch

    Vortex - Overwatch

    Year ago

    Didn't realize you were the AGT fella! Wow you've really come far man, congratulations!

  • Glenn Solis

    Glenn Solis

    Year ago


  • Kobe Cards

    Kobe Cards

    Year ago


  • Sence


    Year ago

    Is it me or is his voice getting better

  • Emma


    Year ago

    Who else watching this during quarantine? Besides me 😔✌️

  • Gaxa-Chocolate


    Year ago

    Simmer down there partner

  • Ash Ire

    Ash Ire

    Year ago

    Hahahah I needed this laugh ! Thanks Drew, you're damn creative and I can't wait to see you live one day!

  • Lost Silver

    Lost Silver

    Year ago

    Wow, he's really improved his stutter so quickly. It's nice to see his progress.
    This guy is gotta be really famous one day too. He's getting more and more famous by the minute.

  • S. Th

    S. Th

    Year ago

    "Let's shank some hoes!" 💀💀🤣🤣🤣

  • Azariah Price

    Azariah Price

    Year ago

    I gotta say, not my favorite Drew. You’ve done better.

  • Riley Mencarini

    Riley Mencarini

    Year ago

    Y'all ever watch a comedian and think "the poor sound guy"

  • Urban Ranger

    Urban Ranger

    Year ago

    If you ever go to jail donnies got you bro, lol

  • Life in a Box

    Life in a Box

    Year ago

    Heeeeres donnie!

  • Ella Billotto

    Ella Billotto

    Year ago

    You look like Shawn ashmore ngl

  • nery cubias

    nery cubias

    Year ago

    You look like the guy from The Iron Fist!!!!!

  • phoenix c

    phoenix c

    Year ago

    can we all comment WOO

  • mlkteacos


    Year ago


  • The Barnyard

    The Barnyard

    Year ago

    It hurt my insides when the mic was being abused.

  • Emily Urmanski

    Emily Urmanski

    Year ago


  • Maizie Hinzman

    Maizie Hinzman

    Year ago

    OH. MY. GOD. THE DAB🤣🤣🤣🤦🤣🤣

  • Sabine Schönberger

    Sabine Schönberger

    Year ago

    sorry, for me this is a very bad performance. But if somebody tries to make business with his problems its o.k. Everybody has to earn money and if he is happy its fine

    • catharine orellana

      catharine orellana

      4 months ago

      What? He's a comedian. He didn't "make business with his problems". He's a comedian. He had an accident. He didn't let the after effects stop him from pursuing his dreams like so many would do by just sitting back & collecting a check.

  • Ryan Rafter

    Ryan Rafter

    Year ago

    i think i ship these guys, Drew and Donnie, Dronnie? lol

  • Invox


    Year ago

    2:00 Comedy Room owner: "WTH is he doing to my mic?" 😧

    • catharine orellana

      catharine orellana

      4 months ago

      Professionals (misicians, comedians, et al) have their own mikes. Relying on a house mike is for beginners. Too sketchy Drew has posted early vids where the issues with the house mikes became a show unto themselves.

  • kimberly soper

    kimberly soper

    Year ago

    😂 Drew's laugh is adorable ❤😂

  • flaming fury

    flaming fury

    Year ago

    Hey Drew I know you probably won't see this,but I would really like to know if you are gonna do any shows that are 14+ I LOVE your commedy and fell in love with it as soon as you were on AGT and was so excited when I found out you were doing shows,and how cheap they are,then I saw the age restrictions :(

  • Michael Gatlin

    Michael Gatlin

    Year ago

    This mans sub count freaking skyrocketed in like 4 months

  • FancierSign2492


    Year ago

    You have come so far from agt! You are doing great drew. Keep it up

  • TheUndeadWarden


    Year ago

    That's my stepdad no lie we are nevr gonna let this down, he's gonna be called the WOO guy from now on

  • Trazxhy


    Year ago

    lmao who's in? Our leader is Donnie who is WooMan1 and our Lord is Drew

  • JJBoi


    Year ago

    Drew remember me?

  • Just A Pupper

    Just A Pupper

    Year ago

    That warden joke surely is a masterpiece.

  • IAmTheBrownie


    Year ago

    Aye bruh you sposed to be social distancing

  • Charlie %

    Charlie %

    Year ago

    Don’t dab

  • Vinny V

    Vinny V

    Year ago

    I'm surprised Comedians are still allowed to do shows or are these clips old?

  • Xiomara Diaz

    Xiomara Diaz

    Year ago

    His jacket made me question if i was high?

  • Kiawe V

    Kiawe V

    Year ago

    Okay....are you still going out and doing these, or is this prerecorded?

  • Liz Hellsing

    Liz Hellsing

    Year ago


  • tredjesongen


    Year ago

    THANKSALOT 👍🤣🤣🤣🤣
    This day i went from like,worst in history,to laughing so hard i taste blood😱👍 . This one is for the books,man!
    And I don't even like stand up,except for this guy🥰. Thanks again. He's so intelligent on so many levels,of course the trolls are working overtime. You go,Drew! Hats off,again. Epic.

  • Maria


    Year ago

    That was fricken hilarious Drew, and I havent even finished watching it yet. Priceless!!!!!

  • Nicholas Foreman

    Nicholas Foreman

    Year ago

    That sound guy must have been dying inside at 2:00.

  • Kelly Shy

    Kelly Shy

    Year ago

    That's my brother Donny!! ❤❤❤❤

  • Electro Night

    Electro Night

    Year ago

    Guys that my uncle donnie in the audience

  • Alexis Walters

    Alexis Walters

    Year ago

    so damn funny! how does one compete with you??