Show Goes Off The Rails After Fan Gives Me Beer Mug

Published on Apr 8, 2021
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Show Goes Off The Rails After Fan Gives Me Beer Mug
Lisa always liked to play it loose.

Drew Lynch is an objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom.

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Drew Lynch
  • Stacy Large

    Stacy Large

    Day ago

    Ps your shows are like hanging out with your funniest friend love your infectious laughter too...

  • Stacy Large

    Stacy Large

    Day ago

    My friend who's husband stutters so badly he can barily finnish a sentence talks normally with just enough beer 🍺

  • Deanna young

    Deanna young

    3 days ago

    Drew!! You ALWAYS make me laugh!! Thank you! 🤗

  • Sara Grace

    Sara Grace

    4 days ago

    Such a legend

  • Kasper Salonen

    Kasper Salonen

    10 days ago

    Utter talent!! Gonna binge him now and later too 💖

  • Tryyton


    15 days ago

    Damn, you're funny af and quick. Happy to have found you!

  • Joanna Blueberry

    Joanna Blueberry

    16 days ago

    Drew I love your comedy!!! Please do more I love the laughs u provide and your positivity

  • Christian Dejesus

    Christian Dejesus

    17 days ago

    Oh my fucking gaw your stutter is basically gone it's crazy to see your progress from back when I watched you a few years ago

  • Mimille


    17 days ago

    I must say that you really improved your speech skills I'm proud of you man
    You're an amazing stand-uper

  • Mimille


    17 days ago

    I stopped having notifications for a while but I'm back baby
    Love your show I wish I could go to the US for you

  • Coconut Milk

    Coconut Milk

    18 days ago

    I feel like he does well because he just says whatever is in his head

  • Flaco De Oro

    Flaco De Oro

    20 days ago

    He didn’t stutter once while pretending to be a bartender

  • Troubled eNVy

    Troubled eNVy

    22 days ago

    I'm amazed to see how far you've come. You're comedy is so refined and you're stutter is almost gone. Careful with that speech therapy, you might lose your edge. 😂 Again so awesome to see where you are now.

  • TeaJay


    23 days ago

    Drew didn't lose any brain power when he had the accident. The part that formed words is just now busy making up jokes.

  • Britney Newman-Lockhart

    Britney Newman-Lockhart

    28 days ago

    Have you ever noticed how innuendo sounds like an innuendo for the word innuendo?

  • Varsha


    Month ago

    Wow his stutter has improved so so much from the first time he was on AGT. That is so awesome man! This is an example of how turning a negative into a positive can change one’s life. Happy for you☺️

  • hou bro

    hou bro

    Month ago

    Thanks Pop Pop. Lol

  • Kebblot


    Month ago

    This was wholesome and hilarious😂

  • 24


    Month ago

    Drew, I've been watching your stand up since your beginning...I am SO impressed at how you've evolved...god damn you're talented!!!!!

  • Kaylee Martinez

    Kaylee Martinez

    Month ago

    I'm so glad they shouted out his buisness at the end!

  • imsister


    Month ago

    Okay, but did Drew wipe down a class with a Clorox whipe and then *drink from it?* Ain't that *Bleach?*

  • Colt Peters

    Colt Peters

    Month ago

    You know im just absolutely drunk right now and drew linch is the only thing that keeps be sane and keeps me from getting the spins! Thank you drew I appreciate you more than you can know!

  • spiraljoe1273


    Month ago

    So stellar!!! I can’t wait to see him live one day

  • Wth is a grape?

    Wth is a grape?

    Month ago

    I kept thinking omg, what if he drops it?!

  • Fun For all

    Fun For all

    Month ago

    Holy crap you have a gift for thinking on your feet! No way you had that bartender joke in your pocket!

  • LitAfuseiCantStop


    Month ago

    Pretty great that he even tagged the guy at the end. Drew's the best!

  • Porter House

    Porter House

    Month ago

    He's in spokane and I'm gonna miss him 🙄

  • Heathbunny


    Month ago

    Only in Spokane would you be given a beer mug.

  • Allan Andersen

    Allan Andersen

    2 months ago


  • Gabriel


    2 months ago

    Jesus Christ I lost it with the "you could have wrote it once, you knew I would say it twice" line; well done. Your off script bits always get me the most.

  • stirthepot 88

    stirthepot 88

    2 months ago

    This was hilarious. The plug at the end is pretty cool too

  • Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen

    2 months ago

    Yes!!! Spokane! Come back again!!!

  • justkhail


    2 months ago

    So goddamn funny.

  • Carrie Berg

    Carrie Berg

    2 months ago

    He was describing the design like he's never seen it before lol, didn't that used to be merch of his? I know I've seen it before somewhere

  • Jason Owens

    Jason Owens

    2 months ago

    When you coming to Tennessee or north carolina somewhere south besides florida

  • tyler ford

    tyler ford

    2 months ago

    congrats your stutter got better congrats

  • Cheri Berry

    Cheri Berry

    2 months ago

    You never fail to make me laugh Drew.

  • Connor


    2 months ago

    your timing is so fucking good now, I feel like as your stutter lessens your comedy skills comes through so much. do you think your stutter helped you learn timing because you kinda had to slow yourself naturally or helped your crowd work cus you end up addressing the little moments from stuttering? your timing, crowd work, and improv is some next level stuff. everyone one of your bits makes me laugh so hard I seriously wish you had a special.

  • Alekzandra Bear

    Alekzandra Bear

    2 months ago

    Drew gives me gemini vibes

  • Emmersyn Rouse

    Emmersyn Rouse

    2 months ago

    Never surprises me. Drew makes every situation fucking funny. Thanks for making my quarantine a lot easier.

  • alis_n_wundrlnd


    2 months ago

    The torch of alcoholism...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr. Mxyzptlk

    Mr. Mxyzptlk

    2 months ago

    Where has Stella been??

  • stelis1006


    2 months ago

    I love when Drew drank from the mug like a little cartoon mouse on a cold winter night. 🙃

  • Nilocsemliw


    2 months ago

    I’m sad I missed seeing you in Spokane I will have to try again next year

  • Turtle King

    Turtle King

    2 months ago

    Guy who made the mug is a real one

  • Dean Delg

    Dean Delg

    2 months ago

    You kinda sound like Barney from how I met your mother brings back good memories

  • Naomi McIlvaine

    Naomi McIlvaine

    2 months ago

    Fine. Drew. I'll be Lisa

  • Luka Nieste

    Luka Nieste

    2 months ago

    i’ve been following you since your america’s got talent shows and man i gotta say you’ve gotten so much funnier😂 Love your work and keep it up!

  • Maybelle Noble

    Maybelle Noble

    2 months ago

    Wait you broke up with your girlfriend veronica who took on three jobs for you and that helped get you were you are now and your dating a melione seriously I was such a big fan

  • Redeemer8888


    2 months ago

    Literally favorite comedian ever!!!

  • Tracy


    2 months ago

    So kind of you to put his info in your video. ❤️

  • Galactic


    2 months ago

    The voice crack when he said “soapy” made that sentence just the best thing that could have possibly happened to me

  • Senisha 412

    Senisha 412

    2 months ago

    Please come to South Africa when things are safer and the Covid-19 situation is more controlled 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. You're my go to on sad days and you've never failed me 😭❤️

  • Alex Blackmon

    Alex Blackmon

    2 months ago

    Really wish I could have been there for this show, seeing as I live in Spokane, but I was out of town

  • OfficialLadyTammy


    2 months ago

    I want to cry, he doesn't come to Texas.

  • Jan Haller

    Jan Haller

    2 months ago

    Pretty for the first build xD

  • Jessica Cundari

    Jessica Cundari

    2 months ago

    Hey drew I just wanted to say you’re getting so much more comfortable and your stutter is barely noticeable- coming from someone who also stutters. I love you!!

  • Hardcaslte


    2 months ago

    "You could've just wrote it once. You know I was gonna say it twice." LOL that cracked me up, or who knows maybe he wanted you to say DanDanDanDan?

  • Krazy koala

    Krazy koala

    2 months ago

    That stutter disappeared bruh, love the progress

  • igirlgeek


    2 months ago

    If you ever come to the UK Drew, I'll definitely be at one of your shows :)

  • Survivrs


    2 months ago

    Cool gift! Keep us laughing Drew!!

  • Tyler Moore

    Tyler Moore

    2 months ago


  • Emiliyan Yankov

    Emiliyan Yankov

    2 months ago

    Kuddos to the man for the great gift. 👏👍

  • javasoccernut


    2 months ago

    I've noticed that I stutter weirdest of situations

  • Matthew Carrano

    Matthew Carrano

    2 months ago

    Sic em

  • qwerty


    2 months ago

    You're my favorite comedian when I first found you I binge-watched all your videos and they always make me laugh.

  • Owlet


    2 months ago

    I’m so happy your stutter got better! I watched you on agt and it’s proof you’ve gotten better with it :)

  • MIke Todd

    MIke Todd

    2 months ago


  • - King -

    - King -

    2 months ago

    I love watching your videos randomly in the middle of the night it's too hilarious

  • KCCAT5


    2 months ago

    Ever since I turned off push notifications YouTube will no longer notify me about videos. I just came by to see that I missed this one

  • Zee


    2 months ago

    This was so good, 🔥

  • redarndiculous


    2 months ago

    So I scrolled through all of Drew's replies to comments just to see if he ever repeated one, because I noticed he was answering slightly differently each time. Sigh.
    And no he didn't.

  • Anthony G

    Anthony G

    2 months ago

    aww thats so nice

  • Taylor Smith

    Taylor Smith

    2 months ago

    Oh damn, when was Drew in town? Would have gone.

  • Travis Stindt

    Travis Stindt

    2 months ago

    I wish I could have gone Y.Y

  • Jatcat


    2 months ago

    You’re in Spokane :D I live close to there :D

  • Bailey L

    Bailey L

    2 months ago

    Never can have a bad day when Drew uploads

  • Nemamka


    2 months ago

    Hear my lesbian friend losing my mind over there :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Adorbs, Totes Adorbs.

    Adorbs, Totes Adorbs.

    2 months ago

    I woulda loved it if he put "DananaDan" on the bottom... His worst rival.

  • Saint’s Sinner

    Saint’s Sinner

    2 months ago

    Love you drew so much, love your jokes. So sweet he gave you a mug!!

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    2 months ago

    I watch a lot of comedy and I think you're one of the best comedians around you should be way bigger.
    Netflix special when? ❤️

  • Terry Hadley

    Terry Hadley

    2 months ago

    Drew Lynch is the best improv comedian I have ever watched, I love how he can instantly find the humor in any statement or situation, just goes to show you the talent of a true comedian, he doesn't need a set up for a joke, he is ten steps ahead of the room at all times lol

  • Audrey Mertens

    Audrey Mertens

    2 months ago

    ONLY comedian i can listen to.

  • Charlotte Veitch

    Charlotte Veitch

    2 months ago

    No one cracks up Drew like Drew

  • LucasArg


    2 months ago

    I feel like he could show up without routine prepare and still make a great show

  • You're So-Right

    You're So-Right

    2 months ago

    I just like to see Drew lookin' good. no homo lol I just love the guy. and wish him well. I love ya' Drew. Ya' bring me such joy! :)

  • kiroro pupper

    kiroro pupper

    2 months ago

    I WAS HERE FOR THIS! You did a great show, Drew!

  • The Gamer's Grotto

    The Gamer's Grotto

    2 months ago

    The coveted "Glass Of Stutter" has been passed on to Drew.. :p

  • Wilson B.

    Wilson B.

    2 months ago

    funniest comedian in the game

  • Yopiyop Majestic

    Yopiyop Majestic

    2 months ago

    Crazy improv

  • Focus ppl

    Focus ppl

    2 months ago

    Been watching your videos for awhile now. Hopefully when this covid stuff is over you can make a few trips to Albany NY that would be great!

  • Bless Beyere

    Bless Beyere

    2 months ago

    ➡️ ⤵️

    B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's





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  • 01halle


    2 months ago

    Audience participation comedy that's not written is the hardest, the most talent involved and SOOOO much more entertaining. Would pay to watch you talk to us man! Shows are a bonus!

  • Red T

    Red T

    2 months ago

    Rehearsed acts are difficult. Good improv is insane! Especially fun how Drew managed to turn his stutter, what many would consider to be a handicap, into a feature which makes him stand out from other comedians. I'm not at all surprised "DanDan" got him that gift. Well deserved.

  • Joshua Borchardt

    Joshua Borchardt

    2 months ago

    Awesome of you to put up DanDan’s order info. Real standup guy.

  • KingTen91


    2 months ago

    I want to see him and Andrew Schulz together

  • MeatheadMilitia


    2 months ago

    What's the website to the guy who made the glass? I'd like to buy something from them.

  • LepregoN


    2 months ago

    Drew you are amazing, naturally being funny and interacting with audience as part of your show requires for you to be a very smart comedian and that's what you are.

  • Devin W

    Devin W

    2 months ago

    I’m in Spokane and had no idea you were coming!!! Where can I see the rest of this show?? Or at least some more clips

  • Landon Tucker

    Landon Tucker

    2 months ago

    Hi, you are competing with me and him for likes. You will feel bad when you fail to get more likes than the verified user or the guy who commented something relevant first.