Not Your Family Christmas Story

Published on Dec 23, 2019
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Not Your Family Christmas Story
Rated D...if you know what I mean.

Drew Lynch is an objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom.

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Drew Lynch
  • Gimme 50bucks

    Gimme 50bucks

    Month ago

    I'm surprised this is all improvised on the spot. Amazing!

  • Judah0ne


    Month ago

    “*lowers mic stand*” lol... who exactly was that CC for!?

  • Kerry France - Hall

    Kerry France - Hall

    3 months ago

    2021, and I'm sorry to tell you Drew, your little guy is STILL able to be found with Google. Ahhh gotta love Google.

  • Shel ATGmail

    Shel ATGmail

    3 months ago


  • Eviana Vazquez

    Eviana Vazquez

    4 months ago

    The roomy velvet jointly list because prosecution microcephaly release before a staking chinese. annoyed, painstaking winter

  • DeadlyKhanivore


    4 months ago

    If it exists it's on the internet and I will find in 💂( I couldn't find a soldier )

  • Domenic Dalcourt

    Domenic Dalcourt

    5 months ago

    Ooof. I've been on a cosplay convention floor, and had a costume mishap, my You know flopped out of my costume. That was a bad day. Similar-ish. Let's just say, doing a sweet transvestite Tim Curry as Dr Frank N. Furter cosplay from rocky horror picture show, is not easy for a man.

  • Dalton Provino

    Dalton Provino

    5 months ago

    Love this

  • Exp 03

    Exp 03

    5 months ago

    how is his stutter so much better?

  • Christopher Graves

    Christopher Graves

    6 months ago

    When he gets a little ticked he don't stutter as much?

  • Bag Stallion

    Bag Stallion

    6 months ago

    Why does there ALWAYS have to be at least one woman fucking SCREAMING? Can't you just... laugh? Ffs makes it unwatchable sometimes.

  • catharine orellana

    catharine orellana

    6 months ago

    "I put clothes on by the way." LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Naomi Langenberg

    Naomi Langenberg

    6 months ago

    You make me laugh out loud so hard I think my neighbors think I finally went insane

  • Darian Martz

    Darian Martz

    7 months ago


  • Kae saysstfu

    Kae saysstfu

    9 months ago

    This has probably been the best story ive heard from Drew😂

  • Gay Satanic Clowns

    Gay Satanic Clowns

    9 months ago

    That's the beauty of the internet. It stays with us forever.

  • Ana Calderon

    Ana Calderon

    9 months ago

    My ex called 52times😂🤣

  • Hannah Cruze-Clifton

    Hannah Cruze-Clifton

    9 months ago


  • Eliza Britt

    Eliza Britt

    9 months ago

    I clicked on this video with NSFW in the title and 666 comments section and the first advertisement was for Pure being told something

  • Mune ?

    Mune ?

    9 months ago

    Imma be the 666th comment....just because i can and because its cursed this way-

  • Isabella Entrekin

    Isabella Entrekin

    10 months ago

    When it comes to nudity, for some reason, the people LOVE it. To humanity, it’s GOLDEN.

  • Cornlips 4

    Cornlips 4

    10 months ago

    My wife synced her photo album to Facebook when she was a little less tech savvy several years ago.
    Her mother and sister in law one day months later blow her up telling her there is a public picture of mine for everyone to see.
    She was so embarrassed and I laughed very hard and still pick on her to this day.
    Unfortunately my face was not in it. I told her she could have at least tagged me in it. I would at least like credit. Lmao

  • Rob Graham

    Rob Graham

    10 months ago

    Lil Dicky photo bombed you LOL

  • Carl


    10 months ago

    One time my friend sent a picture with his tow in the background and we were freaking out because it looked like a penis "Uh dude, what is that?" "Oh I don't know actually hold's my toe"

  • Balor DemonLord

    Balor DemonLord

    10 months ago

    I love how Drew would tell an audience member to shut up and sometimes the audience would shut up. It’s like... He’s a god on stage.

  • Keaton Baker

    Keaton Baker

    10 months ago


  • confusion delusion

    confusion delusion

    11 months ago

    Someone in the audience laughs closely like the ghost of the beginning of scooby doo, awesome!!!!

  • 7esseanime


    11 months ago

    I think I just became an adult, my head just said "I'd like to see that, I'd tap that". Sorry, I think he's hot, if he has a spouse, sorry.
    I've always been impressed with his comedy skills, an I like guys who can poke fun at their masculinity, he polite, plus he's got nice hair, an build.
    (And no I'm not actually going to look the pic up, that's weird.)

  • SFSilent


    11 months ago

    You know a story is coming when he gets serious

  • Harmony Evans

    Harmony Evans

    11 months ago

    this come out when i turned 13 damn-

  • Vibin


    11 months ago

    So you’re telling me that drew leaked his own nudes
    I can feel the amount of people that are reposting it

  • aVoiding


    11 months ago

    Can we get some hour long specials on here? I want moreee

  • paralyzer


    11 months ago

    Less then 0.003% wanted him

  • Hedgehog in the fog

    Hedgehog in the fog

    11 months ago

    -I have a golden ticket!!



    Year ago

    I love his storys and hate myself for not having snapchat 3 years ago 😂😂😂👁️👄👁️

  • Not the Imposter

    Not the Imposter

    Year ago

    Him when saying ''okay let me explain some shit'' and waiting for them to stop clapoing and stuff is evertbody when waiting for the teachrr to calm down the class when you do a presentation

  • turtle playz

    turtle playz

    Year ago

    Drew: Okay so three years ag-


  • JiroIsMyQueen


    Year ago

    I remember Drew Lynch from American Got Talent!!!! I'm proud of him he's come a long way!💜❤️

  • kartyst


    Year ago

    Just so you know,it's posted on youtube😂😂

    • Snacku


      11 months ago

      I did! I think it got deleted :/

    • kartyst


      11 months ago

      @Snacku you can search it 🙇‍♀️

    • Snacku


      11 months ago

      Wait what?!

  • Aloha


    Year ago

    You need a Netflix special

  • 5ifty1ne


    Year ago

    His stuttering is much better now

  • Asta


    Year ago

    𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗪𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝘄𝗲 𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗻𝗱 🥺

  • Abby Lamphier

    Abby Lamphier

    Year ago

    My phone has an umbilical cord now... 😂

  • Midnight _21

    Midnight _21

    Year ago

    When I saw the NSFW I thought it ment not so fucking weird but idk I have not finished the video im only seconds in.

  • MJ Wildy

    MJ Wildy

    Year ago

    Barely 2 minutes in and I'm rolling around dying from laughter!!!!

  • ur mom

    ur mom

    Year ago

    woah his stutter is gone

  • Dylan Taylor

    Dylan Taylor

    Year ago

    I was watching videos of him when he just started off and it's amazing how much his speech has grown:)

  • Eʟʟɪᴇ ᴅ. Lɪɢʜᴛ

    Eʟʟɪᴇ ᴅ. Lɪɢʜᴛ

    Year ago

    “This is the worst com-omady show ever”
    Dreeeewwwwww omg I cant breathe, it’s so stupid but I’m laughing so hard idk why 😂 🤣

  • Paintingbubble


    Year ago


  • Alison Carville

    Alison Carville

    Year ago

    But the mic stand bit... 🤣

  • Natasha Swift

    Natasha Swift

    Year ago

    This is hands down (pun intended) my favourite video of yours haha

  • Sapphire Splash

    Sapphire Splash

    Year ago

    Something tells me hes said this story a few times since his stutter calms down quite a bit

  • Luke Raymond

    Luke Raymond

    Year ago

    Ok but where is that picture though...?

  • Ac_ PecanPie

    Ac_ PecanPie

    Year ago

    I think your in the wrong business man

  • Shiv Skiv

    Shiv Skiv

    Year ago

    Woah it's Little Dicky

  • Matias Duarte

    Matias Duarte

    Year ago

    7:07 how TF did i knew he was gonna make a golden ticket joke

  • MysteryofJade


    Year ago

    I nearly pissed myself listening to this

  • Dragon-X-I


    Year ago

    Damn reviewed 42000 times, that's 100 times 420

  • Njbori973


    Year ago

    U would completely win agt at this level

  • Alex Lopez

    Alex Lopez

    Year ago

    Where can I find said imagine? Asking for a friend

  • Gabriel Perez

    Gabriel Perez

    Year ago

    They want it and they were all guys

  • Arielle Smith

    Arielle Smith

    Year ago

    This is too funny lmao 🤭😂🤣

  • Austin Viets

    Austin Viets

    Year ago

    Hey i got a question what's your snap😂

  • Lux Does Stuff

    Lux Does Stuff

    Year ago

    He posted this ON MY BIRTHDAY



    Year ago

    I swear to god. Drew is the funniest guy ever

  • Rhonda


    Year ago

    Ah man best thing I've watched all day LoL 🤣

  • nery cubias

    nery cubias

    Year ago

    You don’t stutter a lot anymore and I’m so happy for you man. You’ve grown so my never since AGT

  • Jenn Worthington

    Jenn Worthington

    Year ago

    Hey... could be worse. At around 3:45am, I accidentally sent my landlord a pic of my dd boobs. All I got back was 😃👍. I about died right there, knowing he was in bed next to his wife!

  • Atyn


    Year ago

    "The schlong view"

  • Tim Forber

    Tim Forber

    Year ago

    This is the best for comedy

  • umbreonic


    Year ago

    nsfw: not safe for winter

  • riftalope


    Year ago

    Drew, I sleep nude too. In fact, I am a nudist. Although I'm wearing a keyboard right now. (badum-tss!)
    I had once stumbled across a site that collected the images of accidental nudity/genitals that had shown up on E-bay. It was at 1340 back in 2004. Lots of reflective objects like teapots. But the odd ones are where the object for sale are photographed looking down a guy's belly... and erection. WTF? Who get's that excited over a basic Lego set? The American flag, maybe. It had its own collapsible flagpole.
    I hope to see you the next time you're in Indy.
    Keep up the good work!
    Robert H.

  • Regrettable-Username


    Year ago

    Lil'Young Drew ™

  • Kevartje129


    Year ago

    So.. where can I find it? on google?

  • Tara Wright

    Tara Wright

    Year ago

    I honestly can't imagine a better way to handle a situation like that one. This guy is frigging hilarious and a decent human being. That's a very rare combination these days.
    Personally I'm delighted to know "little Drew" got to see snow.



    Year ago

    I love how he didn’t stutter

  • Daniel Fenton

    Daniel Fenton

    Year ago

    @DrewLynch the commercial for this was Boom Boom

  • ᚱᛁᚾ᛫ᛊᚨ᛫ᚠᛖᚱᚨ Rin sá førra

    ᚱᛁᚾ᛫ᛊᚨ᛫ᚠᛖᚱᚨ Rin sá førra

    Year ago

    I keep getting anxiety ads like *le* *fu-*

  • Awooga Ooga Booga

    Awooga Ooga Booga

    Year ago

    Drew no-

  • spiraljoe1273


    Year ago

    Wish I could see it!

  • oh no

    oh no

    Year ago

    hey man just found ur channel from the vid u made abt ur stutter. love ur vids, u made me laugh, ur great and hope u do well

  • Dysfunctional Tree

    Dysfunctional Tree

    Year ago

    I love how chill he was about telling the story

  • BillyBobBeauBenson


    Year ago

    This guy is brilliant. He just took what would have been a scandal that could have been used against him and used it to make the audiance laugh along with him. Way to roll with the punches, man!

  • goodguy17


    Year ago

    I wonder wat the actual lil dicky thinks of this

  • Caden Cantwil

    Caden Cantwil

    Year ago

    Hey I’m from ohio and it is finally getting warm 49 Degrees 🎉no more 18 degrees

  • widow1369


    Year ago

    this guy is the best "off the cuff" comedian ever! i would love to see him in person! been following him since the talent show-never disappoints! GO DREW !

  • I be lonely

    I be lonely

    Year ago

    Omg I remember this, my friend was one of the ones to screenshot it and she still has it on her google photos lmao!

    • AbbyLivesInAShack


      11 months ago

      Lol can you get it from the friend and post a link (asking for science)

    • AcM Vargas

      AcM Vargas

      Year ago


    • Amaya Sokanon

      Amaya Sokanon

      Year ago

      Lol, is there a way to share this photo lmao, asking for a friend

  • martha grey

    martha grey

    Year ago

    This one had me cracking up so hard

  • Jli 777

    Jli 777

    Year ago

    Your stutter is getting better the more comfortable you are on stage, you seem like you are enjoying it a lot more. And I'm sorry for all the people who say they think it's fake because it isn't as heavy, I've seen some of those comments and this is not one of them

  • AJFes12


    Year ago

    his stutter was a not really showing here ahahha muat be drunk

  • Tyler Shonk

    Tyler Shonk

    Year ago

    Hey drew just wondering I saw your bracelet and i am a US ARMY veteran and lost a couple of friends during my deployment to Afghanistan for which I wear a memorial band in their honor I was wondering if your bracelet was also a memorial band

  • TKO Slinky

    TKO Slinky

    Year ago

    So old video. But. Ohio is in the east coast I'm pretty sure.

  • Nikolas RVidal

    Nikolas RVidal

    Year ago

    i need to see this screenshot

  • ItsFlower


    Year ago

    1:14 he sounds like fix it Felix from Wreck it Ralph 🤣🤣

  • Melissa A

    Melissa A

    Year ago

    He's not stuttering anymore?

  • gr8god4u


    Year ago

    I am so thankful I have never seen it and that's primarily because I have never had Snapchat and for things like this there's no reason to have it either.

  • Saif Abdulrahman

    Saif Abdulrahman

    Year ago

    i like that he is telling his story in front of the AMERICAN FLAG

    • aB


      Month ago

      What’s more patriotic than nudes?

  • Anthony M

    Anthony M

    Year ago

    I've got to go to one of his shows!

  • shuichi simp

    shuichi simp

    Year ago

    I absolutely love how he laughs at his own jokes

  • Caroline Allen

    Caroline Allen

    Year ago

    The improv here is AMAZING