My Childhood Bully (Ep 22) - Did I Stutter?? with Drew Lynch

Published on Apr 21, 2020
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My Childhood Bully (Ep 22) - Did I Stutter?? with Drew Lynch

Drew Lynch is an objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom.

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Drew Lynch
  • Sawyer Boeke

    Sawyer Boeke

    4 months ago

    1:02 That is true for most people

  • Dev KreMer

    Dev KreMer

    4 months ago

    🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just died that was NOT the ending I was expecting oh my gosh you are the best!!!

  • Vicki


    7 months ago

    This guys videos just make everything in life feel better

  • Kenny from Philly

    Kenny from Philly

    8 months ago

    So did you get the Snickers?

  • Silence-is-bliss


    9 months ago

    Made sharp left turn at that last line💀

  • Awesome Beard

    Awesome Beard

    9 months ago

    most laptops and cell phones have blue light filters.

  • Lára Ingþórsdóttir

    Lára Ingþórsdóttir

    10 months ago

    Snickers are worth it

  • Of The i Am

    Of The i Am

    11 months ago

    Lol drew WHAT WAS THAT ENDING...
    Did you really freakin say that or...
    Where just being weird haha

  • Karl Gunnery

    Karl Gunnery

    Year ago

    I find you amazing each time watch your videos helps give me tips take light at me disability iv got asbugers dyelxa disbraxa adhd epilepsy and am gay was perfect target in school bullies call me queer faget retard stupid make me spell or say words knew I couldn't say or when you fit does look like brake dancing

  • Amy Vinson

    Amy Vinson

    Year ago

    Omg I’m dead after this video 😂🤣

  • AJ The Blue Jay

    AJ The Blue Jay

    Year ago


  • Blattsee


    Year ago

    So is it a true story? Bc of the ending im confused?

  • Alexander Irizarry-Camarillo

    Alexander Irizarry-Camarillo

    Year ago

    I’m game

  • Don’t look at my profile

    Don’t look at my profile

    Year ago

    Omg 😂😂😂😂 I was not expecting the end I’m dying of laughter

  • Will Gillispie

    Will Gillispie

    Year ago


  • Claudette


    Year ago

    “I’m still little” - lol me too😂

  • Theresa Tuohy

    Theresa Tuohy

    Year ago

    Not one of your better tries.

  • Michael


    Year ago

    Ive got a whole box of snickers

    • jennica


      Year ago

      wow. what did you do for it?

  • Superior Health Savage

    Superior Health Savage

    Year ago

    Wow! I remember you from America’s Got Talent! Your speech has improved immensely, best of luck to you!

  • when the

    when the

    Year ago

    Did you get the snickers?

  • Corky VanderHaven

    Corky VanderHaven

    Year ago

    Holy Jezelnick
    Tryin out new style
    Ya gotta go Madonna on it sometimes

  • Daemonium Venator

    Daemonium Venator

    Year ago

    You can also get Microwave poisoning, its called 5G! isn't that nice!

  • Gemma Niye

    Gemma Niye

    Year ago

    Not the ending I was expecting. Thank you for providing laughter and an unexpected snort when I expecting to cry. Drew, you are a comedy angel/legend and I love you! 🥰

  • Jace Anderson

    Jace Anderson

    Year ago

    I’m late cause I haven’t watched you in months but your stutter is so much better even though it doesn’t matter your speech has improved a lot but your still hilarious

  • YubTub


    Year ago

    i love watching your america’s got talent videos and your videos now because your progress is insane. keep it up drew ♥️

  • Hunter Blagg

    Hunter Blagg

    Year ago

    I thought he was gonna say something like “how’s your brother” but uhh when you said the punch line I laughed a lot but then I went and bought me some snickers

  • about vin

    about vin

    Year ago

    Why is his specs not sitting on his ears

  • Smacdoug1


    Year ago

    Hahahahahah oh my gawd.

  • Capsaicin Snake

    Capsaicin Snake

    Year ago

    Omg you ass lmfao! You got me! Keep up the good work.

  • Thieske 6

    Thieske 6

    Year ago

    I like how you just go when someone says: "Hey if you stutter you can't be a comedian." And you be like: "Well i don't give a f*ck about what you think." I really like that because i stutter myself and really struggel whit it and i like to see how you can turn everything in a positive!

  • Kimi


    Year ago

    And with that, you lost me. Been a fan for so many years, but... no.

  • TrippWraze


    Year ago

    Oh god, how did Elvis the Alien get ahold of the podcast?

  • Abbie Barham

    Abbie Barham

    Year ago

    Not Trying to be mean but when are we going to see Stella again? Xx

  • Egg Man

    Egg Man

    Year ago

    "When I was younger, I was a little kid."
    -Drew Lynch, 2020

  • BepTweBot


    Year ago

    this is really funny

  • An0nymous_L0gic


    Year ago

    I got a blue-light glasses commercial after this video

  • Michelle Landroche

    Michelle Landroche

    Year ago

    Hahaha, what?!?!

  • Zenzex


    Year ago

    The fact that I started watching drew more than 2 years ago and I just came back and your content has gotten even better is fucking great you put the boundary’s down high but u can go higher

  • Ryan Pearo

    Ryan Pearo

    Year ago

    Well?!? How good was that Snickers?!

  • Joseph Belluomini

    Joseph Belluomini

    Year ago

    Since when did Drew get glasses???

  • Kiwifruit


    Year ago

    Gotta say.. Karma is a bish..

  • Surf like John John

    Surf like John John

    Year ago

    wow..... I thought you were gonna say sorry to him, but I guess not! lololol

  • GippyWhite


    Year ago

    175th!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Not bad for being a day and a half late! 🕰⏰⌚️ OMG... 😧 That took a SHARP left turn! ⤴️ TWICE!!! ⤴️ We’re goin’ backwards now! ↪️ That was sooo funny!!! 🤭😆🤣 Much love, everybody!!! 💙💙💙

  • I agree with you

    I agree with you

    Year ago


  • Julian Longo

    Julian Longo

    Year ago

    Hey drew if you see this have you ever had a poutine

  • David Harrison UK

    David Harrison UK

    Year ago

    I watch Drew instead of PornHub

  • kelly kEllY

    kelly kEllY

    Year ago


  • K M

    K M

    Year ago

    Wtf is this......

  • Karen Simon

    Karen Simon

    Year ago

    Thank you for your service to our mental health during this unsettling time.

  • xandi


    Year ago

    im glad to see your stutter is getting better. love your content, and your personality

  • Skye Rocket

    Skye Rocket

    Year ago

    Omg that plot twist at the end 😂

  • peterinbrat


    Year ago

    See The Court Jester Vessel with the Chessel routine.

  • DrDespicable


    Year ago

    So - was the Snickers worth it...?

  • Erich Schiller

    Erich Schiller

    Year ago

    I got a weird ad about some light blocking glasses. Seeing the intro, I know why.

    • Shawn


      Year ago

      i forget ads even exist till someone mentions them, ublock origin will change your life.

  • David Christopher

    David Christopher

    Year ago

    Why was the punchline funny?

  • Si coney

    Si coney

    Year ago

    Loved this! Haven't watched a video of yours in a min but really enjoyed this one. Gonna do some rewatching

  • KeiSpeaks


    Year ago




    Year ago

    Hi Drew💜💜💜💜from Oklahoma

  • Luke Davies

    Luke Davies

    Year ago


  • Bruce Hancock

    Bruce Hancock

    Year ago

    F**king BRILLIANT

  • Callie Masters

    Callie Masters

    Year ago

    Can't we elevate this to dog level? Bring Stella out of retirement and do a mail time or tricks around the house or comedy skit, please! We all miss her more than your sex talks.

  • Suraj Gupta

    Suraj Gupta

    Year ago

    I just don't get it why you're watching game of thrones.. They're just gonna broke your every expectation in season 8 .. Like really the worst ending. 😔
    Listen to me, your unknown friend whose name you know.. 🙂

  • Dizzy Lizzy

    Dizzy Lizzy

    Year ago

    Watching with great expectation of hilarity! And then...... oh.

  • Jérôme Chatillon

    Jérôme Chatillon

    Year ago

    Did you like the Snikers ?

  • high-top Professor

    high-top Professor

    Year ago

    You barely study stutter now

  • Abhijeet Singh Sandal

    Abhijeet Singh Sandal

    Year ago

    Woah drew, you look cool

  • Antler's on Mars

    Antler's on Mars

    Year ago

    The ending had me laughing so hard XD. Keep up the amazing work! ❤

  • usernameed


    Year ago

    “I don’t watch porn”
    Funniest joke he’s ever told

  • antonio daniel ruiz tarbet

    antonio daniel ruiz tarbet

    Year ago

    Lol, I didn't expected that comeback jajajajaja

  • Jay


    Year ago

    2:56 oh boy, If I had a nickel for every time I've said that to some dude ...then I would have like several nickels rn.

    • Beautifully Unique

      Beautifully Unique

      Year ago

      Wow... ok😳

  • bayingjase2006


    Year ago

    Before your injury you admittedly used to be the bully. What did you used call people before you couldn't stutter it out anymore?

  • theblablablahs


    Year ago

    This a real story?

  • S D

    S D

    Year ago

    This is so unexpectedly wholesome! You made him laugh at his worst day

  • Andrew Davies

    Andrew Davies

    Year ago

    Not quite the ending I was expecting. Lol 🤣

  • daddyquatro


    Year ago

    Mike drop. Indeed.

  • Ozzie Doseit

    Ozzie Doseit

    Year ago

    Not funny in the least.

  • JoeWest


    Year ago

    Blue light glasses are a scam link:

  • mauiguy85


    Year ago

    Thanks for the chuckle! Oh, and you are handsome af!

  • Kylie Gates

    Kylie Gates

    Year ago

    I died at “I knew I needed a new thing, the stutter is dying out”

  • MR Alien

    MR Alien

    Year ago

    Dude funny . Period
    So how many snickers bars did you get.
    P.s. your an asshole

  • Samantha Levinski

    Samantha Levinski

    Year ago

    I dont wanna sound rude but when did it become cool to wear glasses?
    (Not referring to Drew)

  • FriskyFlores


    Year ago

    That took a turn lol

  • Lindy Diddle

    Lindy Diddle

    Year ago

    That. Was. Hilarious! 😂🤣😂

  • Cow


    Year ago

    the cliffhanger! did you get your snickers or not Drew?!?!!??

  • Maria Chears

    Maria Chears

    Year ago

    Im pretty sure one of my comments were deleted even though I quoted something drew said at the end 😂😂😂

  • Jessica Vestal

    Jessica Vestal

    Year ago

    You know, the glasses are kind of a look though. They make the whole “I’ll suck your dick for a snickers” thing feel classier

  • forbidden


    Year ago

    that is just so unsatisfying. I feel empty inside.

  • Tj Trejo

    Tj Trejo

    Year ago

    God damn it he got me. I was so interested in the story then.... nothing

  • vic aldama

    vic aldama

    Year ago

    Please be true! I thought you were going to wuss out n say condolences,but this was the way...

  • Smick


    Year ago

    I really want to know what Andrew said in response.

  • ashley johnson

    ashley johnson

    Year ago

    Yo the snickers part made me laugh so hard my dog woke up and bit me

  • Kent Thompson

    Kent Thompson

    Year ago

    I did not see that coming , I'm dying

  • Ellie Cas

    Ellie Cas

    Year ago

    I did not see that coming 😂😂. I dunno what I was expecting.😂😂

  • BrandonJ1068


    Year ago

    Listening to the story I kinda forgot who you were (a comedian) and got engrossed in the story; I was really feeling the hallmark moment coming and was sooooo much happier with the ending you told haha! Thank you for making me smile!

  • Karen Skowronski

    Karen Skowronski

    Year ago

    Omg. Come on. Wtf

  • Karen Skowronski

    Karen Skowronski

    Year ago

    Oh crap. My eyes have been hurting really bad every night and I’ve been looking on my phone a lot. Ugh.
    Sorry about you being bullied. I was too.

  • brokebastard


    Year ago

    Don't leave us on a cliffhanger.

  • JaMboyProductions


    Year ago


  • Roswells Gaming Bunker

    Roswells Gaming Bunker

    Year ago

    oh...that’s a righteous hashtag #illsuckyourdickforasnickers long love the king of candy comedy

  • Khoala .H.

    Khoala .H.

    Year ago

    let's get drew to the top of the hub