Lady Steals Show With Her Exit

Published on Apr 23, 2020
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Lady Steals Show With Her Exit
So I did impressions of furniture.

Drew Lynch is an objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom.

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Drew Lynch
  • John Burien

    John Burien

    Month ago

    Who tf laughs at their jokes.........oh this guy lmfao

  • spiraljoe1273


    Month ago

    This dude cus so brilliant! Not only does he improv the humans abs hecklers but he improvs the furniture! Love him!

  • Amanda Dearing

    Amanda Dearing

    2 months ago

    I kinda want to know the joke

  • Mike Ropanis

    Mike Ropanis

    2 months ago

    This guy has me dying with the jokes then how he stutters and then laugh 😂 his laugh is contagious

  • MamaG


    2 months ago

    The timing that chair interrupted couldn't be more perfect

  • Ravena


    2 months ago

    when he's making the sounds for the chair, stool and mic stand it reminded me of Harry Potter 😂

  • maxvibes3s


    2 months ago

    This is just Drew's excuse for screaming "eee" for 3 minutes

  • Leroy Southgate

    Leroy Southgate

    2 months ago

    I've watched this so many times now 🤣

  • rhi bh

    rhi bh

    3 months ago

    chair: squeals
    drew: *and i took that personally*



    3 months ago

    According to youtube this is a podcast

  • Nick Gundel

    Nick Gundel

    3 months ago

    1:43 what christmas song is that

  • kahamarca kemosabe

    kahamarca kemosabe

    3 months ago

    Ad libbing at it's corniest

  • Christopher Graves

    Christopher Graves

    5 months ago

    Drew quick question do you stutter when you sing? I heard by someone that people with a stutter don't stutter when singing

  • 95_Warisha Taj

    95_Warisha Taj

    5 months ago

    I'm addicted to his impromptu audience interactions!!😂❤️

  • Unashamed


    5 months ago

    This man made a chair squeaking a 3 minute joke legend

  • AlwaysSmiLing k

    AlwaysSmiLing k

    5 months ago

    XD man...that 7.00 show was gonna be like waiting and hear people talking about the show asking how it was someone then goes...YEEEEEE
    and laugh
    only getting stares back one of those jokes you just have to be there to understand XD
    a weird one but for some reason the weird ones always end up being extremely funny XD

  • Keely Clouse

    Keely Clouse

    7 months ago

    You are such a great comedian, I was never into comedy and you got me into it. I pray for you Drew, hope you are having a great day!!



    8 months ago

    LMFAO DUDE you're just like my daughter & I just being fucking weird around the house. Lol. Making such weird noises. We seriously have a sort of dictionary of sounds thatean things & our own made up words too. Lol! So funny how easily we make ourselves laugh.

  • HighDiddleDoodles


    9 months ago

    I could watch Drew just making inanimate objects screech for HOURS

  • dent tech

    dent tech

    9 months ago

    My dog truly freaked out while I watched this. She is cute as $h1t

  • Maddy loves jokes

    Maddy loves jokes

    9 months ago

    I never thought I would laugh so hard at a man making high pitched noises

  • scammenot scammenot

    scammenot scammenot

    9 months ago

    Didn't know that drew was secretly Sr Pelo

  • GamerTommy


    9 months ago

    Drew should be a voice actor for objects.

  • Grace Blankenship

    Grace Blankenship

    10 months ago

    When you were making those chair noises my dog was in my lap and looked at me like, “what the hell?”

  • Henrik 108

    Henrik 108

    10 months ago

    When you're a toddler again for a few minutes 😂

  • savagewolf 13

    savagewolf 13

    10 months ago

    is he the person who does r2 if you don't find that funny im sorry

  • Summer Peterson

    Summer Peterson

    10 months ago

    I just listened to 3 and a half minutes of a man screach and my life has never been more complete

  • K1rS


    11 months ago

    I look away for 2 seconds and Drew is making furniture talk. 🤣

  • Colleen Dermott

    Colleen Dermott

    11 months ago

    At this point, I’m convinced that Drew can make quality comedy about so much as an acorn

  • Egan Yau

    Egan Yau

    11 months ago

    best impression of chairs and mic stands of the year

  • Lydia Yuhhh

    Lydia Yuhhh

    11 months ago

    His jokes are like my late night random conversations with my best friend and I I’m laughing but I have no clue why

  • Zekkq


    11 months ago

    Its like if he makes a mistake on his text people will actually think he's studdering he lowkey wins because people will still confuses over what he's saying because there's no subtitles...........Drew i love ya

  • Zekkq


    11 months ago

    You know when Drew texts lol he goes laughing o-out -l-l-louda

  • Stacey Scott

    Stacey Scott

    11 months ago

    Toad is that you?

  • addie


    11 months ago

    i'm laughing so hard at drew pretending to be the furniture talking to eachother

  • Raven


    11 months ago

    Alternate title: man screeches for 2 minutes

  • Atlas Wolf

    Atlas Wolf

    11 months ago

    Ok but like, are we gonna talk about the furnitures amazing harmony at 1:52?

  • Caroline Eaton

    Caroline Eaton

    11 months ago

    i just watched a grown man squeal and point at an audience for 2 minutes straight and could not have laughed harder...😂

  • Jan


    11 months ago

    I'm rolling😂

  • Lexi Asbury

    Lexi Asbury

    11 months ago

    "EEEH" "EEEER" "EAAAA" "EEEHRRRRAAAA" favorite ensemble

  • Alex Cruz

    Alex Cruz

    Year ago


  • The worm

    The worm

    Year ago

    The fact that she interacts so much with his audience, and turns it all into great fun even if he is calling someone out, just makes me love him even more

  • Sandra Sharaf aldine

    Sandra Sharaf aldine

    Year ago

    I was laughing at his laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yeedle Needle

    Yeedle Needle

    Year ago

    Drew can turn a chair squeeling into a 5 minute joke lmao

  • AxlTribe


    Year ago

    Only drew can turn a chair noise into a 3min comedy section 😂😂😂

  • Ian Nicely

    Ian Nicely

    Year ago

    I like how Drew’s content isn’t practiced. It’s just about what ever is going on at the time in the show. But it’s also anoying.

  • GrumpyGoal


    Year ago

    What if the chairs squeaking where revolting against us to become senteint

  • Mr Power

    Mr Power

    Year ago

    **the croud:** does literally anything

    **Drew:** aight new topic

  • Nicanor


    Year ago

    The title should be drew making weird noises for 3 minutes 22 seconds straight

  • Gavin The Davis

    Gavin The Davis

    Year ago

    This just proves you could make a joke out of anything

  • Meifua Edits

    Meifua Edits

    Year ago

    Drew’s over here like a Soprano 1

  • Stanescu Theodor

    Stanescu Theodor

    Year ago

    My cat started responding to your yeeee's as I was watching this on my phone 😂😂

  • Jay onthejourney

    Jay onthejourney

    Year ago

    When i was watching this my door opened and made a squeaking sound, so i made a sound back. My mom looked at me like i lost it 😂

  • Zayne Bagwell

    Zayne Bagwell

    Year ago

    You look like Cheddar Bob from 8 Mile in this

  • Dipstick


    Year ago

    “it’s her emotional support chair”

  • Blessing Hungwa

    Blessing Hungwa

    Year ago

    best comedian ever

    • Blessing Hungwa

      Blessing Hungwa

      Year ago

      you have a new subscriber😚

  • EmoPanda 2507

    EmoPanda 2507

    Year ago

    His studded has got a lot better than it used to be

  • T J

    T J

    Year ago

    Seriously one of THE BEST ad-lib comedians ever!

  • Sunflower Skies

    Sunflower Skies

    Year ago

    Im just listen to most of his shows while im doing my work and i was on a call, listening to Drew and of course as soon as he said something hilarious it was my turn so i sat there for 5 min just laughing on my call! It was really nice having to explain that one

  • Courtney G

    Courtney G

    Year ago

    I find it funnier when the comedians laugh at their improv as well

  • emo daddy rat

    emo daddy rat

    Year ago

    Me and that chair would be good friends:((((((

  • OPC steak

    OPC steak

    Year ago

    *all chairs start moving*

  • Charlie Trone

    Charlie Trone

    Year ago

    Comedian Heckles Audience. I like him!

  • Jeremiah Schilt

    Jeremiah Schilt

    Year ago

    Chair: *squeaaak*
    Innocent Woman:
    Drew: *so, you have chosen d e a t h*

  • Goofy-_-TheGamer.


    Year ago

    Me sips *faxe kondi*
    Drew: NANI!

  • Evan Hample

    Evan Hample

    Year ago

    I love his outfit

  • Oona Aaron Smith

    Oona Aaron Smith

    Year ago

    hey Drew! I live in Texas and I was wondering when you were going to be in Houston or Dallas next?? I missed the last time but I have been looking through your website...does not look like there are any Texas ones for...ever, so when are you gonna be back to Texas?❤༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • Benjamin Guérard

    Benjamin Guérard

    Year ago

    Roddy Rich: Starts rapping

  • chavez


    Year ago

    dude omfg ur so funny. when r u going to be in movies!!!!!!

  • McCoy Farrell

    McCoy Farrell

    Year ago

    When it’s 3 am and your walking up the stairs. “Eeeeeeeeeor”

  • Lonely_Ghost


    Year ago

    The high pitched voice omg😂

  • Darius guinds

    Darius guinds

    Year ago

    Tbh this ain't funny no more. Respect tho 👊

  • Cloudyagain


    Year ago

    Who Is Better comedian ItsAlexClark Or Drew

  • Lisa Michele

    Lisa Michele

    Year ago

    Drew thank you so much for bringing laughter into my life. I'm a disabled veteran with major depressive disorder, PTSD, agoraphobia & conversion disorder (which is just a new "term" for anxiety attacks of some flavor ... mine being seizures).
    To say I loved this video is an understatement! Thank you.💜

  • Ill Logic

    Ill Logic

    Year ago

    I cried laughing at the noise symphony

  • MahnaMahna


    Year ago

    I love when you crack yourself up!

  • HBIC Always

    HBIC Always

    Year ago

    I repeat do not give drew a reason to comment on you! Don’t get up. Don’t talk. 😊🤣🤣Just laugh and even be careful with that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shelly DeAtley

    Shelly DeAtley

    Year ago

    Drew, I'm from Missouri and am in no condition to travel to any of your shows but am horribly in love with your comedy. That being said and bring a person who has a disability themselves, I am in no way making fun of you, but how hard is it for you to say Cinderella. I know you have problems with banana and elderly so just for curiosity sake?



    Year ago

    This dude has to be one of the funniest persons that ever walked this planet ! :D

  • Karim Rupshi

    Karim Rupshi

    Year ago

    *Women moves chair*
    Chair: *SQEEEEEEE*
    Drew: imma bout to end this whole mans career

  • peppermint purple

    peppermint purple

    Year ago

    Drew- Yeeeehehhehh
    The chairs- finally someone has spoken for us
    Drew- Yeeeeehehhhe

  • Fenrix15


    Year ago

    Someone in crowd: *exists*
    Drew: “And now, you have officially carried it too far, Buddy.”

  • Luca Maddox

    Luca Maddox

    Year ago

    The chair noises dragged on so long it became cringy

  • TB BT

    TB BT

    Year ago

    Man is it more or I didn’t laugh at one joke you gotta do better

  • Shala Carter

    Shala Carter

    Year ago

    Drew conducting cats! :)

  • Melody Belfiore

    Melody Belfiore

    Year ago

    Drew, I've said this before, you are just a breath of fresh air. I absolutely love you and your ability to make us laugh over a CHAIR just shows how talented you are. It's what we need right now. Laughter!! Thank you!!

  • Alex Rayner

    Alex Rayner

    Year ago

    Question: Was this filmed before the lockdown?

  • Pianta


    Year ago

    This guy can make furniture funny. He’s great

  • KrunchFiles


    Year ago

    "I did a furniture symphony for 40 minutes, so don't worry." 😂

  • Metal. Lifan

    Metal. Lifan

    Year ago

    E er e er

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

    Year ago

    The only concert I would pay money for would be a furniture band

  • C B

    C B

    Year ago

    I'm glad howie believed in you

  • robo


    Year ago

    i witnessed a man squeak for 3 minutes straight

  • xemax


    Year ago


  • Freddy Cruz

    Freddy Cruz

    Year ago


  • tony cee

    tony cee

    Year ago

    One thing you should NEVER do is interrupt Drew’s comedy show

  • Dan Towey

    Dan Towey

    Year ago

    YOU ARE BRILLIANT.... the best comedy is being in the moment !!!!!

  • Skyla Rose

    Skyla Rose

    Year ago

    Plot twist the lady was the dog

  • Asinine


    Year ago

    Did his stuttering seem to get progressively worse

  • Lewis Galliford

    Lewis Galliford

    Year ago

    No one:
    Absolutely no one ;
    Drew :EEEEEEEEEE!!!!