Lady Keeps Getting Impatient With My Show

Published on Apr 29, 2021
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Lady Keeps Getting Impatient With My Show
Let's go.

Drew Lynch is an objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom.

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Drew Lynch
  • Jennie Lyra

    Jennie Lyra

    11 hours ago

    P.S. - I like how you did the subtitles, somehow they made it even more funny.

  • Jennie Lyra

    Jennie Lyra

    11 hours ago

    I'm a mom. Loved this, you had me rolling on the floor at 8 in the morning!
    Wish you all the success.

  • Njbori973


    19 hours ago

    Why haven't you got a Netflix special yet

  • Rachel Padilla

    Rachel Padilla

    7 days ago

    Loving the new hair cut.

  • bestmemes 4sure

    bestmemes 4sure

    9 days ago


  • Lauren Ink

    Lauren Ink

    11 days ago

    So quick witted!!!

  • VintageMom


    12 days ago

    I am this type lmao

  • Angel Juliet

    Angel Juliet

    13 days ago

    I’d be afraid to say or do anything at his show 🤣

  • Enlightened Lucy

    Enlightened Lucy

    14 days ago

    What was his name going to be? lol He never got to it in the chip. 😲😂

    • Drew P. Nutsack

      Drew P. Nutsack

      12 days ago


  • Dizmo Deous

    Dizmo Deous

    14 days ago

    Killin it. Again.

  • Ariel W

    Ariel W

    14 days ago

    Not to be rude but last time I saw this guy he was on AGT. His stuttering has got so much better!!! I know how hard it is too! 😊

  • Uncle Creepy

    Uncle Creepy

    15 days ago

    This reminds me of when the special ed kid in 2nd grade wants to tell me something important and I have to sit there and listen to him stammer for 5 minutes but never tells me anything. This video needs the hashtag cringeworthy.

  • hannah shaffer

    hannah shaffer

    15 days ago

    I've been watching his videos since 2019 and i still come back and just rewatch so many of his videos for hours, they're so good

  • Tryyton


    15 days ago

    Argh... Cliffhanger joke.. thanks soccer mom... 🤨

  • Isabella Atch

    Isabella Atch

    15 days ago

    Okay but what name did he have picked out?

  • Chandler Pope

    Chandler Pope

    15 days ago

    Damn dude I just saw your AGT audition again! I watched that season live and I thought I’d search you up and holy shit your stutter seems to have largely gone away?!? How’s that? Either way, incredible man!

  • • møthÿ

    • møthÿ

    16 days ago

    "mom's like v8?"

    my mom: buys spicy v8 today 🧍

  • amyy11


    16 days ago

    Respectfully... I haven’t watched you in many years! But your speech is insanely so much better!!!

  • - godsspeed -

    - godsspeed -

    17 days ago

    isn't a tomato a fruit?

    • Drew P. Nutsack

      Drew P. Nutsack

      12 days ago

      Just like you.

  • Justin Dux

    Justin Dux

    17 days ago

    Oh man this was killer!

  • William Fryman

    William Fryman

    17 days ago

    Hey, Drew has anyone told you you look like a thinner Jason James Ritcher? Not an insult just a observation.

  • Isis Whitty

    Isis Whitty

    17 days ago


  • Radar433


    19 days ago

    Has anyone ever said your voice sounds like Ben Shapiro?

  • Barb Buffington

    Barb Buffington

    19 days ago

    I love love love the way he deals with hecklers !!!!!

  • Belkis Martinez

    Belkis Martinez

    21 day ago

    I thought he had a bad stutter. I came here after he got the "golden buzzer "

    • Red Dalek

      Red Dalek

      19 days ago

      I think it used to be way worse

  • TheNessaFace


    21 day ago

    You and Samuel J. Comroe should team up =D i bet it would be super fuckin' funny!

  • Sammy Plays

    Sammy Plays

    23 days ago

    So now I have a reason to go back up to wisconsin in August. Seeing Drew in my home state is gonna be sick!

  • eric pedersen

    eric pedersen

    25 days ago

    Give us a full special!

  • Ida Simonsen

    Ida Simonsen

    25 days ago

    But... what was it?

  • The Knucklehead's Guide to Marriage

    The Knucklehead's Guide to Marriage

    25 days ago

    Love you Drew... Saw you on AGT for the first time, been a fan ever since...

  • Les asf

    Les asf

    26 days ago

    (talkin about the start also ignore the timestamp being blue) wonder why lots of moms were up at 4:30 in the morning/afternoon..

  • Krystallion


    26 days ago


  • Kitty xoxo

    Kitty xoxo

    27 days ago

    Drew what's the end of that joke? I need to know so i can go on with my day... LOL ... good job though xD that was hilarious

  • Ashley Danielle

    Ashley Danielle

    27 days ago

    So, what is it?

  • Gwyn Pasterchek

    Gwyn Pasterchek

    28 days ago

    What's up with the speedy audio? Your voice sounds a couple of keys higher. lol.

  • AquasHypers


    29 days ago

    ADD TEXAS ON YOUR LIST. preferably San Antonio

  • Natalie Holding

    Natalie Holding

    Month ago

    DREW I just bought tickets!!!!! I'll see you soon!! :D

  • Eloise Beekman

    Eloise Beekman

    Month ago

    Question: are you on Netflix or Hulu? Like where can I find you stand ups? Is that what you call them?

  • C F

    C F

    Month ago

    me: researching anti-androgens for my transition
    drew's so good at timing even when its weeks away and totally unrelated lmao

  • No one important lmao

    No one important lmao

    Month ago

    .. Well Drew - what is it?

  • Jessica Schultz

    Jessica Schultz

    Month ago

    It made me so sad to realize I’ll be in okc a week after your show 😭 so sad

  • Eddie Baby

    Eddie Baby

    Month ago

    The contrast between Drew on America’s Got Talent and now is insane. So much progress!!

  • pepper Trujillo

    pepper Trujillo

    Month ago

    I have a question what ever happened to dog vlog

  • Doctor straing Strange

    Doctor straing Strange

    Month ago

    Ok but what's the name, Drew!? THE NAME

  • Mizuki chan

    Mizuki chan

    Month ago

    It's ironic that here we r and we'll never know the name

  • Aaron Rebello

    Aaron Rebello

    Month ago

    The van door closing joke was hilarious xD xD

  • Karen Skowronski

    Karen Skowronski

    Month ago

    How is Stella? Just wondering 💕

  • Kyuu Tomoyaki

    Kyuu Tomoyaki

    Month ago

    Wow, his stutter is practically gone! I haven't watched him in a long time, so maybe this has been a thing for awhile? I miss Dog Vlogs. I hope Stella is doing well.

  • Mackenzy Sain

    Mackenzy Sain

    Month ago

    What ever happened to dog vlog?

  • The Directors

    The Directors

    Month ago

    He did leave us on a cliffhanger about his name tho...

  • J's life

    J's life

    Month ago

    Drew you should come to Arkansas and do a. Show I've been watching your videos for I believe 2 years now and I would like to attend one of your shows before I ship out in July

  • CrunchyDogs


    Month ago

    I am loving these clips! We're still stuck in lockdown here and you always brighten my day, keep em coming!

  • The Checkmater

    The Checkmater

    Month ago

    How long are the shows?

  • Diss ociate

    Diss ociate

    Month ago

    I love how positive you are in all your videos. big ups on your work.

  • Let’s Talk About It

    Let’s Talk About It

    Month ago

    You should TOTALLY do an ENTIRE bit about the high class trying to kidnap someone!!! Including the fancy minivan door not closing in time. You could do so many things with that. In the middle of leaving your ransom call, your mistress or assistant calls you and her interrupts you about the fact there are no window seats left on your JetBlue flight to Bermuda, etc. etc.
    I know you guys got better ones. What you got?

  • Reagan Brooke

    Reagan Brooke

    Month ago


  • Sandra Spiry

    Sandra Spiry

    Month ago

    Of course this was in Spokane...I'm almost embarrassed to live in the area.

  • topsy kretts

    topsy kretts

    Month ago

    cliffhanger indeeed

  • Meg A

    Meg A

    Month ago

    Drew looks like Jack Quaid and I can't get over it.

  • kaylee meade

    kaylee meade

    Month ago

    Hey Drew, I thought I remembered hearing that you do a kind of meet and greet after the show.... is that right? I’d love to come to one of your shows

  • Boxland


    Month ago

    how is this man so cute but also be able to roast me like a full course meal



    Month ago

    Good to see that he's getting better with stuttering

  • ven


    Month ago

    his stutter has improved allot since the last time I watched him, good job

  • JTS Whitewater

    JTS Whitewater

    Month ago

    If you want to know the end of the joke so badly maybe buy tickets 🎫 to his show 😂

  • eddebrock


    Month ago

    What's V8?

  • TicoMK


    Month ago

    Yoooooo did y’all know drew was on the show Kickin’ it as an extra

    • TicoMK


      Month ago

      Season 1 episode 20 at the time 16:05

  • Milk And Cereal

    Milk And Cereal

    Month ago

    Where can I go to complain that ur not coming to co

  • BorealHP


    Month ago

    “Kidnapped by a mom” needs to become a whole bit for him that was gold

  • Alex Wood

    Alex Wood

    Month ago

    Drew looks like Finn Jones’ long lost brother

  • Smoky joosh

    Smoky joosh

    Month ago

    time to start the playlist marathon

  • Ramakeks


    Month ago

    I miss Stella. Do You still have her?

  • Morgan Valley

    Morgan Valley

    Month ago

    Did he say...SPOKANE? like my HOME?!

  • StrateUpGamr


    Month ago

    Can't believe this guy is the same kid from agt
    "Di-d-did I s-st-s-stu-u-ut-er?"

  • Ryan Roy

    Ryan Roy

    Month ago

    Guess I timed that move from Tacoma to Spokane horribly 🤦‍♂️

  • C Mulliner

    C Mulliner

    Month ago

    But really... What is it??

  • Ellinskey


    Month ago


  • SnowyBlizzard


    Month ago


  • riftalope


    Month ago

    You're still killin' it, Drew! I hope to be in the audience the next time you're in Indy. I had a cold and couldn't even get tickets.

  • TJ _

    TJ _

    Month ago

    Drew is a fucking STUD!!!!

  • Bethesda Boy

    Bethesda Boy

    Month ago

    Oh, ffs. How long were you here in Spokane? These clips from Spokane just make me so mad that I didn't know you were here.

  • Shirley Milliman

    Shirley Milliman

    Month ago

    Sso facts, I "would've" sold my ADHD son's Adderall for the money to pay for SOCCER!!!

  • Inaya Haider

    Inaya Haider

    Month ago

    But...what was the name?

  • Frijoles._. Cuban

    Frijoles._. Cuban

    Month ago

    I remember seeing the America’s got talent you were on, and now, after a few years- this pops up in my recommendation and I’m like “OH MY GOSH- THATS THE SAME GUY-“

    • Frijoles._. Cuban

      Frijoles._. Cuban

      Month ago

      @Hello Gorgeous yes 😂💜

    • Hello Gorgeous

      Hello Gorgeous

      Month ago

      Omg yeah and told he was being too nice! Now he just roasts everyone ❤😆

  • Timujiin Spyros

    Timujiin Spyros

    Month ago

    i promise im not trying to be funny but i dont understand the transition joke.

  • Jessica m

    Jessica m

    Month ago

    Hey, you’re not a bad dude or anything. But I’d just prefer if you say woman instead of lady or girl. Nothing to get defensive about, it would just make me feel more like an adult :)

  • Potato that tickles his pickle

    Potato that tickles his pickle

    Month ago

    Is the name Patricia? You look like a Patricia. Or a Mallory, or Lisa

  • Zane Speer

    Zane Speer

    Month ago

    Drew!!!! just checked your website and I’m sad to realize you dont have any texas shows. Houston would be cool if ya want. ill be there not that that matters but ill be there, so plz come

  • McGyver777ATGMAIL


    Month ago

    Eff me, So what was the name?

  • TheAverageDuckk


    Month ago

    I just notice, you kinda look like Ben Askren

  • Winter Topaz

    Winter Topaz

    Month ago

    I had a van like that and that impatient mom with the door, that's me.

  • Heaven W

    Heaven W

    Month ago

    Drew you never said the name!!

  • sᴜɢᴀᴡᴀʀᴀ’s sᴛᴀʟᴋᴇʀ ఌ

    sᴜɢᴀᴡᴀʀᴀ’s sᴛᴀʟᴋᴇʀ ఌ

    Month ago

    Ugh V8 is so disgusting, i don’t understand how moms can chug that shit like their life is ending

  • Kaykay Plaza

    Kaykay Plaza

    Month ago

    He left us on a cliffhanger anyway XD

  • bipolartrippodcast


    Month ago

    Impatient with a stutterer. Hilarious

  • Unknown Dax

    Unknown Dax

    Month ago

    Whats your onlyfans? lol gosh your cute.

    • Walker#46 182

      Walker#46 182

      Month ago

      U good?? Touch some grass 🤣

  • Cero


    Month ago


  • Cero


    Month ago

    On a side note, Tomatoes are indeed fruit 👀

  • Soft Fairy_xo_

    Soft Fairy_xo_

    Month ago

    Drew is honestly my favourite comedian and I feel connected because I also have a stutter. Drew, you never fail to make me smile and laugh when I'm messing down. Thank you

  • Victoria Smith

    Victoria Smith

    Month ago

    Am a mom, hate v8ewwwwwwww

  • Luna Argentum

    Luna Argentum

    Month ago

    Well, WHAT IS IT?