I Matchmade Two Hecklers

Published on May 28, 2020
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I Matchmade Two Hecklers
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Drew Lynch
  • NerdPro


    12 days ago

    As an actor I greatly appreciated the Meisner joke. 😂 I love Drew's videos so freaking much!

  • Sup ,dawg!

    Sup ,dawg!

    24 days ago

    This man just goes and he kills it

  • Sup ,dawg!

    Sup ,dawg!

    24 days ago

    As a fellow hoosier i would love to see drew.. and i think he would love me.. id give him so much improv to work with

  • XxPhoenixWolfxX


    Month ago

    I searched up who girth brooks is and I regret my whole life

  • Dr. Bright

    Dr. Bright

    Month ago

    Ah so it's an innie.

  • Kyle LaBonne

    Kyle LaBonne

    Month ago

    if I could I would go to every single one of your live shows. You are the only comedian that makes me laugh the whole time I'm watching you.

  • MsNanceePants


    Month ago

    Referencing Meisner. Like a boss.

  • Simon-Patrick Johnson

    Simon-Patrick Johnson

    Month ago

    You are incredibly funny to me

  • Mitchy Rojek

    Mitchy Rojek

    Month ago

    I wish i could tell which theatre this was at

  • Cross


    Month ago

    I feel like his ability to turn a heckle into a joke makes people heckle more. Idk if Drew hates it or loves it, but either way it's hilarious

  • Amanda Ford

    Amanda Ford

    Month ago

    Omg let me see it!!! I wanna ride you seahorse!!!

  • spiraljoe1273


    2 months ago

    He is just so brilliant

  • Jeffy Dahmer

    Jeffy Dahmer

    2 months ago

    PLEASE come to Philadelphia!!!!

  • Mike Ropanis

    Mike Ropanis

    2 months ago

    Man he can roast and fire off on the spot for anything and anyone! He is quick

  • Afton Family -_-

    Afton Family -_-

    2 months ago

    “You and I sir are in a complement sandwich, that we haven’t eaten yet”
    That’s perfect XD

  • mary lynn

    mary lynn

    2 months ago

    i know its comedy but its so sad to see how the crowd just keeps sexualizing and mocking comedians for no reason

  • Y/N


    2 months ago

    as a deaf person I appreciate the subtitles a lot !! :)

  • Mae Mae

    Mae Mae

    2 months ago

    Why would you go to a comedy show to heckle?

  • strawberry-b0ba


    2 months ago

    I hate that people are constantly heckling him and harassing him, but he turns it into a joke and I guess that makes me feel less bad about it? Still wanna kick those people's shins in though.

  • pathe


    3 months ago

    imagine coming to a comedy show by your own choice and then pulling this shit smh

  • Shauna Gustavus

    Shauna Gustavus

    3 months ago

    I laughed, wheezed and coughed so hard for a solid minute at the end that my daughter was genuinely concerned for my life!!!

  • Little Miss Moss

    Little Miss Moss

    3 months ago

    *pumping with a cowboy hat*

  • lord beerus

    lord beerus

    3 months ago

    Sometimes your laugh goes full Mark Hamill joker and I love it.

  • Cindy Meyerson

    Cindy Meyerson

    3 months ago

    As a former stutterer, I am so grateful and amazed. Good on you!

  • James Finlon

    James Finlon

    3 months ago

    I love how he surprises himself with his own jokes 😂

  • Eric Craig

    Eric Craig

    3 months ago

    with the your the best part i was thinking:
    you hang up
    no you hang up
    no you
    no you

  • (not that) Nancy Main

    (not that) Nancy Main

    3 months ago

    Love u drew

  • Bronson Rodriguez

    Bronson Rodriguez

    3 months ago

    Redact it lol

  • ThatRose925


    3 months ago

    The subtitles killed me
    *pumping with cowboy hat*

  • Ariel Ko

    Ariel Ko

    4 months ago

    Lol the women part

  • Sketcheroni Pepperoni

    Sketcheroni Pepperoni

    4 months ago

    I died when he immediately regretted saying "my assless chaps"

  • michael southern

    michael southern

    4 months ago

    “No means NO! Didn’t you come up w that shit [woman]” - Drew ..... greatest crowd work line I’ve heard all day!

  • Rachel love

    Rachel love

    4 months ago

    He is amazing at turning everything into a joke but it is not okay what they are saying to him, if this was a woman everyone would be freaking out

  • Certified Gamer

    Certified Gamer

    4 months ago


  • Jordan C

    Jordan C

    4 months ago

    Sad that Drew died

  • Squanto 1620

    Squanto 1620

    5 months ago

    "Hes in the room with me ,you are the best " hahahahahaha

  • Goldenpants 123

    Goldenpants 123

    5 months ago

    Thanks captioners now I know he was pumping with a cowboy hat on

  • Kat


    6 months ago

    I always feel bad when Drew has to deal with hecklers but I do admire that he can just roll with it so smoothly and make it part of his act

  • Kylie Marie

    Kylie Marie

    6 months ago

    Yknow with the amount of people who wanna know what you’re like in bed you could start an onlyfans 😂😂😂

  • jérémy bossé

    jérémy bossé

    6 months ago

    This turned into a breathtaking situation

  • jatin patel

    jatin patel

    7 months ago

    The lips, no means no..😆🤣🤣😂😀😄😁😁😁😋😛😜😝🤑

  • FindingAnna


    7 months ago

    This man's ability to improv is spectacular.

  • Ashley Taylor

    Ashley Taylor

    7 months ago

    It is very rude to interrupt/heckle....I hope I get a chance to see him in person one day

  • That Guy

    That Guy

    7 months ago

    Drew handled it very well, but she should have been escorted out.

  • alex gerling

    alex gerling

    7 months ago

    Your confidence apears to be getting even stronger loved you since I first saw your clips never had the chance to see you perform though, big hugs from the UK bro

  • Haylee Robinett

    Haylee Robinett

    7 months ago

    I literally love this whole video 100%😂, love you man keep doin you, your extremely funny as fuck 👌

  • afterdeth


    7 months ago

    Lmfao this absolutely slayed me. Best one yet drew

  • KrysMarie


    7 months ago

    I havent cry laughed in so long and I've been dealing with a lot of mental health issues lately but this made me full on stupid cry laugh.
    And to set the record straight, I love YOU the mostest so there!

  • brzrkrbltz


    7 months ago

    i can not like this enough

  • Keith Fox

    Keith Fox

    8 months ago


  • Maurin Penn

    Maurin Penn

    8 months ago

    Pumping with a Cowboy hat is my favorite thing now.

  • Kennt Tudara

    Kennt Tudara

    9 months ago

    That crowd is so needlessly warm it feels like Philippines

  • miguel vazquez

    miguel vazquez

    9 months ago

    I'm proud how far he has come. last time I saw him he had a serious stutter problem. Now he barely stutters.

  • Aria Halladay

    Aria Halladay

    9 months ago

    Up here with my [data expunged]

  • Rob Graham

    Rob Graham

    9 months ago

    FYI: all chaps are assless. saying assless chaps is like saying Cheese flavored cheese cake.

  • Scott Yost

    Scott Yost

    9 months ago

    girth brooks

  • Yolanda


    9 months ago

    Omg, "Can I see it?" she says 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mister moss man

    Mister moss man

    9 months ago


  • Ramoni Noodles

    Ramoni Noodles

    9 months ago

    Drew got dat drip dou😎

  • QueerKid


    9 months ago

    That ending bit really had me laughing, good job Drew :)

  • Dude Same

    Dude Same

    9 months ago

    When they started saying “your the best” it was like Keanu reeves going “no YOU’RE breathtaking!”

  • Shayne Mendoza

    Shayne Mendoza

    9 months ago

    you should come to kentucky your my favorite comedian

  • Milly Crouzet

    Milly Crouzet

    9 months ago

    I swear drew Lynch is an adorable human being. In the way that a puppy is adorable.

  • MJ


    9 months ago

    “I’m from the Midwest, I don’t get that shit.”
    MOOD 😂😂😂

  • Fifth House

    Fifth House

    10 months ago

    * Pumping with Cowboy Hat * got me. That's like the cherry on top
    ...In case you couldn't hear the pumping

  • Jessica Driscoll

    Jessica Driscoll

    10 months ago

    Hand down Drew is the best improv comedian I've ever seen.

  • Shane I'll go home

    Shane I'll go home

    10 months ago

    What does heckled mean

  • Miracle Winchester

    Miracle Winchester

    10 months ago

    The improv man. He’s so good. I snorted at his improv on Girth Brooks

  • 1normallyimpulsive


    10 months ago

    Lady: *aggressively wants to see Drew’s junk*
    Drew: no, no, don’t touch my bone, this is my no, no, zone.

  • 1normallyimpulsive


    10 months ago

    Lady: *aggressively wants to see Drew’s junk*
    Drew: no, no, don’t touch my bone, this is my no, no, zone.

  • Adhaincroi Adhaincroi

    Adhaincroi Adhaincroi

    10 months ago

    Omg "its tough when I have to hold my balls behind me" I may have peed a little as I sprayed my tea all over.

  • Misfit


    10 months ago

    This was amazing but like, y'all know where I can get that shirt😓

  • One handed Mom

    One handed Mom

    10 months ago

    I'm missing my right hand, and I've learned to use it in my favor for my career also.
    I'd love to meet you one day.
    Just inspirational. I know it's strange, cause its completely different but the same. 😄

  • Tina Sullivan

    Tina Sullivan

    10 months ago

    I literally love his voice and I love his stutter even more 😭😂♥️

  • Corrine Donovan

    Corrine Donovan

    10 months ago

    How he progressively went from "I'm rock hard " to "I am a woman" makes me wheeze every god damn time

  • sturdydisc


    10 months ago

    You do realize that male sea horses give birth

  • Đimønđ Wøłf

    Đimønđ Wøłf

    10 months ago

    Im ligit trying so hard not to laugh so i dont wake anyone up in my house 😂😂😂

  • Glock Works

    Glock Works

    10 months ago

    *aggressive pumping in cowboy hat*

  • Barbara Jeffries

    Barbara Jeffries

    10 months ago

    what does it mean to be heckled?

  • Quix


    10 months ago

    Yo I'm glad hes still doing his thing since agt

  • Gracelynn Mineau

    Gracelynn Mineau

    11 months ago


  • Lacey Williams

    Lacey Williams

    11 months ago

    His laugh sounds like Tigger's laugh from Winny the Pooh😂✨💕

  • Zee NOYB

    Zee NOYB

    11 months ago

    I couldn't breathe at the end omg 🤣

  • Lucas :

    Lucas :

    11 months ago

    Never did I think I needed a cowboy with assless chaps in my life

  • Winter Topaz

    Winter Topaz

    11 months ago

    I love Drew and I can take a joke but its just weird to hear him talking about sexual stuff.

  • Bobby Stillz

    Bobby Stillz

    11 months ago

    Right after your video ended, an ad for 'Lil Dickie' came on lol!

  • We Can’t Draw

    We Can’t Draw

    11 months ago

    *pumping with cowboy hat*

  • Princess Blazena

    Princess Blazena

    11 months ago

    I'm crying...Kk knows what I am talking about

  • Moonpie


    11 months ago

    5:11 SENT MEEEEEEEEEEEE😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀

  • Mickey Is Dead

    Mickey Is Dead

    11 months ago

    i almost pulled a jaw muscle from laughing too hard jesus christ

    you are so fucking funny

  • Chelse Dyer

    Chelse Dyer

    11 months ago

    Much love from London

  • Roger Limoseth

    Roger Limoseth

    11 months ago

    10 seconds? I can beat that time. :)

  • SpaceMumkey


    11 months ago

    “No means no! Didn’t you come up with that shit?!”

  • Razz Amatazz

    Razz Amatazz

    11 months ago

    Why is he wearing the sweater that outed Ross as Rachel's baby daddy?

  • averysavory


    11 months ago

    *aggressive pumping*

  • Jaida Lekidz

    Jaida Lekidz

    11 months ago

    😂 “ yea it’s like lips.. I’m pretty sure I’m a woman”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jaida Lekidz

    Jaida Lekidz

    11 months ago

    I’m crying🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Colby Turner

    Colby Turner

    11 months ago

    Love this dude!! I used to have a stuttering problem, so I know exactly what he's going through. Big inspiration bro!! Respect to u

  • Stan Lee3000

    Stan Lee3000

    11 months ago

    Drew with some random guy he doesn’t know going back in forth telling each other they are the best. 🤣

  • Renato Oliveira

    Renato Oliveira

    11 months ago

    My abs hurt from laughing too much on Drew describing his "lips" xD

    • green


      9 months ago

      My gigantic muscles hurt from laughing too much