Girl Asks To Kiss Me In Middle Of Pandemic

Published on Nov 19, 2020
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Girl Asks To Kiss Me In Middle Of Pandemic
...and that's not the craziest part.

Drew Lynch is an objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom.

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Drew Lynch
  • acuraintdohc


    12 days ago

    He is loving his skit as much as the audience is. Love his genuine attitude 🙂

  • Tom Spring

    Tom Spring

    13 days ago

    What pandemic?

  • Jessica Winchester

    Jessica Winchester

    23 days ago

    I kind of felt bad for him for a bit because he seemed genuinely uncomfortable about the situation & he's got a lady & seems like a good & respectable guy. It's awesome that he didn't do what a lot of male comedians would do in that situation & be inappropriate about it & disrespect his girlfriend for the sake of laughs. This guy deserves the highest of fives! 🖐



    Month ago

    "how did we get here?"
    do you have 90 minutes?

  • H W

    H W

    Month ago

    I think my favorite part about Drew’s comedy is that it feels like you’re talking to a friend.

  • Patricia HERNANDEZ

    Patricia HERNANDEZ

    Month ago

    He's so freaking hilarious I have to watch him several times a day to keep ny day going great. Just love his improvising.

  • Im A Commenter

    Im A Commenter

    Month ago

    My moms name is Cindy lol

  • mrbigg151


    Month ago

    You can't make this stuff up 😆. It's crazy how good he uses a "heckler" for a bit

  • Rouki Louis

    Rouki Louis

    Month ago

    He looks uncomfortable compare yo other show

  • StrateUpGamr


    Month ago

    Drew, ya gotta get a special, man. CC, Netflix, I don't care. Just get one.

  • Katsuki Bakugo

    Katsuki Bakugo

    Month ago

    Wait- “you kissed my mom” ok that’s-
    “My turn” wait-

  • ColdMoonlight


    Month ago

    "Only barely"
    Understatement of the century.

  • Larry Bulger

    Larry Bulger

    Month ago


  • Samara


    Month ago

    I was very depressed and I decided to watch some of your videos to get me out of it and make me happy and laugh and this is the first video and the first 2 minutes I've laughed more than I have this whole day. Thank you so much❤❤

  • Kappa My Kappa

    Kappa My Kappa

    Month ago

    1:36 then make one

  • Tyler Johnson

    Tyler Johnson

    2 months ago

    He has definitely gotten a lot better and more comfortable with his stutter and I think that's cool. Not many people can accept something like that and still make a career of talking. Good comedian for sure

  • LetsBeHonest, NoCaresJessica

    LetsBeHonest, NoCaresJessica

    2 months ago

    Really?In a global pancake panasia?😒🙄

  • Lilly Ervin

    Lilly Ervin

    2 months ago

    I love how he laughs at himself

  • PeaceLoveAndRico


    2 months ago

    i would do the same thing, dude. you look like a cookie after a diet up there in that light. lol

  • Marjorie Johnson

    Marjorie Johnson

    2 months ago

    I love you and I know my daughter will...i haave to look up where you will be doing shows....she needs to see you live.....

  • Brxi i i

    Brxi i i

    2 months ago


  • Vegan Vocalist

    Vegan Vocalist

    2 months ago


  • Kit Rawr

    Kit Rawr

    2 months ago

    This guy just goes and goes when he goes on a improv tangent, it's amazing

  • Just your average pansexual pan

    Just your average pansexual pan

    2 months ago

    Dude I was legit practicing my Uke and singing skills while watching this and he said “let’s make COVID-20 tonight” I instantly started laughing 😂

  • N S

    N S

    2 months ago

    You sir are hilarious 🤣

  • ellie dahms

    ellie dahms

    2 months ago

    “let’s make covid-20 tonight” 🤣🤣

  • Mac


    2 months ago

    Cindy and Christy😆

  • Mac


    2 months ago

    Why did you let the mom kiss you?😂

  • NIGHTTACO10 Blooperton

    NIGHTTACO10 Blooperton

    3 months ago

    Dude the way this guy is dressed, I thought he was my 8th grade science teacher lmfao

  • Gray Silcock

    Gray Silcock

    3 months ago

    his improv skills? impeccable

  • Ella K

    Ella K

    3 months ago

    I’m sorry but I love his sarcastic, inappropriate humor. It’s perfect.

  • Mikaela Krupski

    Mikaela Krupski

    3 months ago

    anyone else think he looked like Johnathan that plays christoph from Frozen

  • Cody May

    Cody May

    3 months ago

    I feel like the stutter made him different. Made me listen

  • Brenda Marie

    Brenda Marie

    3 months ago

    Legend has it he made an only fans after this 😂😂😂

  • Nicole Lewis

    Nicole Lewis

    3 months ago

    I cannot stop laughing at you. You are so funny. Thanks

  • Rachel June

    Rachel June

    3 months ago

    Love you Drew

  • Anna Payton Parker

    Anna Payton Parker

    3 months ago

    Drew should totally get an onlyfans ahahaha

  • Your Mom

    Your Mom

    3 months ago

    He looks like that one picture of Ed Sheeran rn

  • Echo-Chan


    3 months ago

    Also Drew ur my fav comedian ever and always will be

  • Echo-Chan


    3 months ago

    “How did we get here?” Do u have 90 minutes 🤣 Sorry I had to

  • MadWolf141618 Life Saver

    MadWolf141618 Life Saver

    3 months ago

    I Love your comedy and your incredible jokes they really make my day, they're just pure gold

  • Arion Reyman

    Arion Reyman

    3 months ago

    I'm genuinely surprised he didn't hardly stutter at all while talking to the girl but as soon as he starts to move on his stutter comes back. Lmfao

  • EVE king evekingpoetry

    EVE king evekingpoetry

    3 months ago

    I love your mind. 😂

  • Solitude


    3 months ago

    Oh lord you do make me laugh 😂

  • mapoff


    3 months ago

    The improv is exceptional.

  • Raised Stray

    Raised Stray

    3 months ago

    This is Iowa we don’t fuck around I CRIED

  • FlipNDip


    3 months ago

    Damn he's Ian bag good at crowd work!

  • Tiffany Starr

    Tiffany Starr

    3 months ago

    No matter how many of your videos I watch they never get old. It's amazing how you can be so consistently funny and original on the drop of a dime like that.

  • arachnidsJacket


    3 months ago

    This video makes me question my ears
    I hear not stutter

  • Logan Chejlyk

    Logan Chejlyk

    3 months ago

    Dude your stutter is basically nonexistent here what’s going on??????😂

  • Patrick Mears

    Patrick Mears

    3 months ago

    Was that a Faith no more joke?

  • Elusive Gamergirl

    Elusive Gamergirl

    3 months ago

    He’s not even stuttering, if at all, in this one. I was so surprised. I’m so used to the stutter

  • DeadlyKhanivore


    3 months ago

    I know what she's talking about
    It's the stand up were he called a women in her 30s or 40s a cougar and she kissed him

  • Nina Pavlovic

    Nina Pavlovic

    3 months ago

    Improvisation skills are on point!

  • Mars Rivera

    Mars Rivera

    3 months ago

    Yo this guy is the best at improv. Love him 🤪💜



    3 months ago

    Damn bitch i love this guy😇😂
    I hope I learn those moves!

  • Hudson Hamman

    Hudson Hamman

    3 months ago

    1:38 but it would be wildly popular...

  • Samantha Roberts

    Samantha Roberts

    3 months ago

    I would DEFINITELY pay for Drew's OnlyFans. Can you just imagine how funny that shit would be ? It would just be the platform where he didn't have to watch a single thing he says or does, no censorship (not that he really censors himself, but when he notices kids in the audience, it gets a bit lighter than before he noticed, ya know?) just purely DREW in his mind. That would be AMAZING.

  • That one guy named Patrick

    That one guy named Patrick

    3 months ago

    Lost it at "I'm not hard, times are"

  • Nicole Akers

    Nicole Akers

    3 months ago

    Wait, was this show actually in Iowa? Damnit! I missed my chance... Hopefully, I can catch a show in person in the future... You know, if he comes back to Iowa and COVID has finally stopped ruling our everyday lives.

  • Golden Boys

    Golden Boys

    3 months ago

    The ending 😂

  • Ella Välimäki

    Ella Välimäki

    3 months ago

    Drew:How did we get here
    Me: *whispering* do you have ninety minutes?

  • Luke Bramer

    Luke Bramer

    3 months ago

    Congrats on beating COVID bro

  • Emily Wormley

    Emily Wormley

    3 months ago

    This was hilarious! Drew have you done shows in Minnesota or are planning on doing any? My favorite part was “who in my family do you wanna kiss?..... you can have my sister!”🤣

  • Tomberry753- Toxi

    Tomberry753- Toxi

    3 months ago

    Where tf is his stutter? Like he probably hears this all the time and its super annoying but i just gotta say i Followed him for a very long time and am genereally amazed by you and your Commitment to his dream.

  • CamoSquid21


    4 months ago

    It's insane how much better his stutter has gotten the last couple years

  • izetta mae

    izetta mae

    4 months ago

    I just want to point out that his stutter got a lot better you can barely notice it!!!

  • i am taquan

    i am taquan

    4 months ago

    ive been watching your standup for a long time and just wanted to say I'm so happy about the success u found. great content like alwaays.

  • lightpinkmommy


    4 months ago

    Oh drew my sides hurt LMAO!

  • Artfulkiller23


    4 months ago

    He doesn't have an onlyfans but some of his tik toks 🤤🤤🥵

  • Lucifer Rivera

    Lucifer Rivera

    4 months ago

    Laughing my ass off at 2 in the morning, I’m 17 living with my mother in a small apartment. I feel so bad she’s probably gonna wake up thinking “oml it’s 2 in the morning-“

  • ciera leal

    ciera leal

    4 months ago

    drew why haven't u been uploading anything :(((

  • Qushc


    4 months ago

    Comeeee back

    • Qushc


      4 months ago

      Comr back

  • RC Addict

    RC Addict

    4 months ago

    You’re joking about not wanting to get COVID, yet you’re all in a room together without fucking masks on.

  • Eric Taylor

    Eric Taylor

    4 months ago

    I hope you see this because I need your help. I am a 51 year old man who has brain tumors (not a mistake, that is plural tumors) and other brain issues and have developed a stutter. I am really quite scared and I don't know what to do.

  • Seussenshmirtz


    4 months ago

    Drew hasn't uploaded a video since...

  • Maddy Jonas

    Maddy Jonas

    4 months ago

    On average, how many mothers do you kiss per year?

  • JustCallMeYego


    4 months ago

    Did his stutter go away or something?

  • Music Fan

    Music Fan

    4 months ago

    What happened to his stutter 🤔
    Just subscribed right now and the very last time I saw him was on AGT and now no stutter 🤫 ssssh I'm here cause I think he's cute 😉 no really I like him he should be well known cause he is great. 👍

  • Alex Mifflin

    Alex Mifflin

    4 months ago

    Wtf he's barely even stuttering anymore. I'm so proud of him.

  • Gollum’s Lover

    Gollum’s Lover

    4 months ago

    Talent shows with kids are too hard for me. Nothing offensive.

  • Monkey Bandit

    Monkey Bandit

    4 months ago

    Guess what drew?


  • ohhhhk


    4 months ago

    That stutter is like nonexistent in this. Love your stuff. Banana!

  • Goose


    4 months ago

    Love it

  • Robert Pickett

    Robert Pickett

    4 months ago

    I love you to death, Drew. But who the hell dressed you for this gig???

  • Joshua Galva

    Joshua Galva

    4 months ago

    "middle of the pandemic"

    *Meanwhile, in 2021...*

  • Kishan Singh

    Kishan Singh

    4 months ago

    Sweet home alabama 🎵🎵🎵

  • Jamy P

    Jamy P

    4 months ago

    you should post more from this show.

  • Donna Flowers

    Donna Flowers

    4 months ago

    His improv is amazing

  • John Jenkins

    John Jenkins

    4 months ago

    she will be back after the covid is gone to try again.

  • Cill Dasho

    Cill Dasho

    4 months ago

    The person who whistled is a legend

  • Tyler Wheeler

    Tyler Wheeler

    4 months ago

    Come back, we need more comedy please.

  • Moosincorperated


    4 months ago

    I haven’t watched him in years but his stutter is sooooooooo much better

  • Anime Board Gamers

    Anime Board Gamers

    5 months ago

    Whatever happened to
    "Dating A ( Pieces, Ares, Taurus, Capricorn, and Aquarius)" videos❓
    Are you ever going to make those videos now that some of us are in lockdown due to COVID and can't go outside❓

  • TornUniverse


    5 months ago

    Aye I was watching kickin' it cus I was bored and I saw you in the background :0

  • DeBlueGOD


    5 months ago

    Hey drew, I really enjoy your content. Idk what you’ve been up to but I hope you come back

  • Artwork Angel

    Artwork Angel

    5 months ago

    This man has been gone for two months

    • Stephanie Howe

      Stephanie Howe

      4 months ago

      @Artwork Angel yes I realized that later. I thought you meant he had passed away

    • Artwork Angel

      Artwork Angel

      4 months ago

      @Stephanie Howe he posted this two months ago without posting anything until today

    • Stephanie Howe

      Stephanie Howe

      4 months ago


  • FizLit


    5 months ago

    The girl really thought she was gonna make out with you. Lol

  • Karson Smith

    Karson Smith

    5 months ago

    Wow your stutter!

  • iam72_slay3r


    5 months ago

    SWAG is an acronym from the 60's made by a gay group of men and it means "Secretly we are gay"