Every Family Zoom Call (Ep 21) - Did I Stutter?? with Drew Lynch

Published on Apr 14, 2020
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Every Family Zoom Call (Ep 21) - Did I Stutter?? with Drew Lynch
Uncle Joe?
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Drew Lynch
  • Olivia Lang

    Olivia Lang

    8 months ago

    I used to watch you a year ago before you were really really popular, but OMG I can’t believe how much your stutter has improved

  • Jim Balter

    Jim Balter

    9 months ago

    Yeah, that's my Zoom experience.

  • Space Phantøm

    Space Phantøm

    Year ago

    Your channel is hilarious I love it❤️

  • Beautifully Unique

    Beautifully Unique

    Year ago

    Silence of the Zoom got me😭😭❤

  • Landon Woodard

    Landon Woodard

    Year ago

    Hey mom, can you pick me up something for lunch
    *okay bois... we got em, this ones the money maker*

  • picknbeansmamma


    Year ago

    "Nooo...ohhhh NOOOO! It was to start the grill! Nooo!" 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Liane V

    Liane V

    Year ago

    I have an IEP meeting tomorrow that will be done via video conference. This will be interesting because I will also have a translator. I could provide some epic material. lol

  • JaMboyProductions


    Year ago

    Hey, my grandmas name is Sandra

  • ogchungus47


    Year ago

    My school uses microsoft teams because zoom is too mainstream

  • Mel Shaw

    Mel Shaw

    Year ago

    Oh Drew, you're the best!
    That is all 👍🤓

  • Lisa Lorenzo

    Lisa Lorenzo

    Year ago

    This kid gives me something to laugh about even when I'm sure my days are counted.Now that's talent. 👍🏽

  • Meh Adequate

    Meh Adequate

    Year ago

    Bruh u didnt stutter for like the first 25 seconds. Very nic3

    • Meh Adequate

      Meh Adequate

      Year ago

      The 3 was on accident im not that type of person

  • brokebastard


    Year ago

    This dude is hilarious!

  • tek413


    Year ago

    Hey drew, I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on this sponsor and video. It's not of you but I want to hear what ya thoughts are bro

  • The Court Jester

    The Court Jester

    Year ago

    Do it live dude

  • Robbie Kirk

    Robbie Kirk

    Year ago

    I just watched you on BGT and I’m so glad your stutter is better.😁🙌

  • Mr.stealurgames


    Year ago

    Crazy how much ur voice changed...

  • Angela Mou

    Angela Mou

    Year ago

    I love the grandma voice. Can you do a whole podcast with grandma voice? 🤣

  • mark minadeo

    mark minadeo

    Year ago

    Jane Lynch 🤣🤣

  • TJ _

    TJ _

    Year ago

    Drew is amazing

  • Ashley Taylor

    Ashley Taylor

    Year ago

    I watch all your videos. You truly always make me have a laugh even on my bad days when I am in pain. Thank you. Also just wanted to say how proud I am of you for never giving up...I honestly forgot that you even stutter. Seriously, you have worked really hard on the stuttering and I am proud of you. It encourages me to keep going with my chronic pain and autoimmune disorders.

  • galaxy fox

    galaxy fox

    Year ago

    People in quarantine: working out, becoming more heathy,
    *Haording toilet paper*
    Me: *tries walking cat*

  • Arin Parab

    Arin Parab

    Year ago

    I bet you saw a Karen with a "k"

    Ya suffer now.. I want my like

  • GallifrAngel


    Year ago

    Damn Drew you CAME for Leonard Bernstein!

  • Robbyn Emery

    Robbyn Emery

    Year ago


  • AW301517


    Year ago

    haha my family has been doing the same thing. there's 4 of us in my house and they all go to their seperate bedrooms to be on a zoom call to talk to my brothers who are far away. Thought we were the only ones doing that-funny you do it too haha! but hey beats other apps in my opinion!

  • Fuphyter


    Year ago

    Great to see your channel. Sorry I didn't sooner. Love your sense of humor 💜

  • Muhammed Shabin

    Muhammed Shabin

    Year ago

    @drewlynch just out of curiosity man..... is it your stutter or your editing skills that getting better...

  • Scott Porter

    Scott Porter

    Year ago

    No stuttering.... new drugs are working :D

  • I agree with you

    I agree with you

    Year ago

    We just got an iPad into my 87-year-old mother's assisted living home because she's completely alone and isolated--but video chats are of her ceiling, and omg 14 minutes just to tell her how to fold the case into a stand.

  • ً


    Year ago

    Saw you on Got Talent show...

  • Robert Schwartz

    Robert Schwartz

    Year ago

    Zoom is the 21st century party line.

  • Tfran2917


    Year ago

    My aunt sent a link out to my fam for a “Zoom” call....turns out it was some random app called ZOOROOM. Where u can pick animal avatars. Yea, NOT the same thing. I wish I was lying. Fix it Jesus. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Kritty


    Year ago

    Thanks for this Drew

  • Just_Chell121


    Year ago

    I want the rest of the zodiac videos!!!!!

  • Saucy Wench

    Saucy Wench

    Year ago

    Zoom is recording conversations?Well, that's next level and somehow doesn't surprise me. Complete lack of morals but people don't care about that anymore.

  • Rylee Lawson

    Rylee Lawson

    Year ago

    We were watching a 'holy moment' on Zoom, and the kids grandpa unmuted his mic so we were just watching him and his wife instead of the church stuff haha...



    Year ago

    nooooooooooo whats a website... lol

  • Beasted tiger

    Beasted tiger

    Year ago

    Do you still stutter

  • Angel Munoz

    Angel Munoz

    Year ago

    Zoom sucks for older people that dont know technology

  • Antler's on Mars

    Antler's on Mars

    Year ago

    This made my day. Thank you Drew! ❤
    Especially loved the end with the grandma bit XD.

  • Nikki


    Year ago

    What’s a website, you are wrong for this and I love ya for it 😂

  • April Sage

    April Sage

    Year ago

    Amazing video that took my mind off the bs for a couple minutes, thank you Drew!

  • Nikki


    Year ago

    This is why I sent my family a fake death certificate, I don’t have the patience 😁

  • DenaDeckaDuck E.

    DenaDeckaDuck E.

    Year ago

    Ps4 parties when eveyone is losing exept you

  • Dilmi Jayasinghe

    Dilmi Jayasinghe

    Year ago

    Love your laugh as always Drew 😉

  • Lillian Linton

    Lillian Linton

    Year ago

    I love the laughs you give when you think your joke is really funny cuz then we just laughing together. You are too hilarious dude. 😭😂

  • alec hdf

    alec hdf

    Year ago

    I also have a stutter

  • Sue Q

    Sue Q

    Year ago

    I was already laughing and then you said "Aunt Susan" and I LOST IT.

  • Vermilion


    Year ago

    Why is it called Zoom? It's clearly being used by boomers..

    • Mary M

      Mary M

      Year ago

      Very funny

  • 꽃피운화미님


    Year ago

    i cleaned up my computer yesterday and found zoom and i just thought "huh... what's that?"

  • SuperJoker115


    Year ago

    Your progress is just amazing! I love your videos! Hope you're having a good day, and i'm scared to do Zoom, because of all the videos I see on here especially the school ones lmao.

  • Amanda Watson

    Amanda Watson

    Year ago

    I detect no lies here

  • Stephanie Howe

    Stephanie Howe

    Year ago

    I have no idea.
    Caryn hair!

  • Jake LAMOTTA

    Jake LAMOTTA

    Year ago

    Why isn't he stuttering at all, what?!

  • Nero Rojas

    Nero Rojas

    Year ago


  • Jenna Gets Creative

    Jenna Gets Creative

    Year ago

    Your Grandma may not be "what's a website" old, but mine is! Still have to call her on the landline. And I do mean me call her. She doesn't pay for long distance on that landline. Or caller ID. Just voice mail, and if you get her voice mail it's my aunt's voice going "Hiiiii, you've reached 857-..." My Grandma is older than the Queen. She has 10 great grandchildren (well 10 or 11, there's a step daughter in the mix from a marriage that has since ended, but also one of the eldest great grandsons passed away a couple years ago) and 3 have graduated high school already. My younger sister is the only grandchild yet to produce a great grandchild for her at this point.

  • Hu Keas

    Hu Keas

    Year ago

    This made me smile so good

  • Alternative Princess

    Alternative Princess

    Year ago

    My dad calls his personal pages like email and Facebook his website XD

    • Mel B

      Mel B

      Year ago


  • floofiedreams


    Year ago

    School is used for my school and now that people use it i'm like "oH nO"

  • Dgsd


    Year ago

    Drew is my safe place

  • Miss Lucid Dreams

    Miss Lucid Dreams

    Year ago

    LOL...i laughed way too hard at this 😂

  • Roy Hoy!

    Roy Hoy!

    Year ago

    You didn't stutter.

  • Ashley P

    Ashley P

    Year ago

    Ok but that milk carton, paper roll, string bird feeder joke was the unintentional "essential garden care for mental health" and 0-waste joke I needed today.

  • Mike p

    Mike p

    Year ago

    Zoom Rec 😒😒 really what a shock 😂😂😂 😂

  • Retrored5


    Year ago

    Even though it’s 11:33 this made my day

  • Hair By Will

    Hair By Will

    Year ago

    You remind me of a female Kate mckinnon

  • Shelley Battistoni

    Shelley Battistoni

    Year ago

    My son graduated early but his friends are still in school but have been attending their senior year online. He was like WHOA is this how you guys are doing school now, this is stupid. They all groaned YAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Shelley Battistoni

    Shelley Battistoni

    Year ago

    on point, my friend.. on point... my son's surprise 18th bday zoom party ridiculous.... either everyone was talking at once or no one was talking. AND OMG I think we broke Zoom when we all sung happy birthday to him because it didn't know which person to focus on and it just kept zipping around like a hummingbird... LOL

  • Norris Jackson

    Norris Jackson

    Year ago

    you gottta stock up before we can take them down were low on tipee

  • Aoiichi


    Year ago

    the problem with zoom is that some local GOV people are using it too.

  • Ellie Cas

    Ellie Cas

    Year ago

    Lol oh Drew you always me me laugh 😂😂😂

  • Cole Williams

    Cole Williams

    Year ago

    this is why I mute people in these convos

  • Anson Alexander

    Anson Alexander

    Year ago

    It's videos like this that make you my favorite comedian... I can't wait to finally see a show of yours sometime in the future (if we're all still alive by then)

  • Jim Bennett

    Jim Bennett

    Year ago

    Funny stuff. Never stop making us laugh.😜

  • The Random Girl

    The Random Girl

    Year ago

    Zoom is thriving right now.

  • Abigail Kozub

    Abigail Kozub

    Year ago

    Yeah I use zoom for school and it’s troublesome ._.

  • Ameera Is Bored

    Ameera Is Bored

    Year ago

    I was in a zoom call with one of my classes and the teacher accidentally muted herself and had no idea and so she was just confused for almost 10 minutes as to why we're all talking over her😂

  • da7a69


    Year ago


  • Callie Masters

    Callie Masters

    Year ago

    Are you doing quarantine with Stella? Is she bored silly yet?

  • Ikenna Nkaginieme

    Ikenna Nkaginieme

    Year ago

    Drew where's Stella and Dog Vlog?

  • Space Wolf

    Space Wolf

    Year ago

    Zoom calls are a whole other level of chaotic

    • Royal


      5 months ago

      My classes are just s i l e n t 🗿

    • Cole Williams

      Cole Williams

      Year ago

      Basically all the chaotics combined but especially the evil one

  • IVanTHeWEirdONe


    Year ago

    He doesn’t stutter that much 🙂

  • PSE Mentalist

    PSE Mentalist

    Year ago

    Drew Lynch you are still my mentor and hero brother that's totally badass

  • una


    Year ago

    damn you didnt stutter in this video AT ALL

  • Chobe


    Year ago

    the other day i realized we have the same b-day on famous b-days

  • Tara Briggs

    Tara Briggs

    Year ago

    There’s WAY TO MUCH TRUTH to this 🤣

  • Michael Armstrong

    Michael Armstrong

    Year ago


  • Lilly Bozzo

    Lilly Bozzo

    Year ago

    you can mute people on that app, its great.

  • Skillyme


    Year ago


  • ImmortalFusion


    Year ago

    Hello ppl

  • Påmęłå Łÿñńê

    Påmęłå Łÿñńê

    Year ago

    Drew I know you’ve heard this 1 million times BUT your stutter seems so much better. You’re definitely on the right path. Oh ... & you’re super funny so there’s that. 🤣😉

    • Jim Balter

      Jim Balter

      9 months ago

      Why do people say this? It's just another source of anxiety, and making like that's what's important about him. Just relax and enjoy the humor.

  • Davii DarkAngel

    Davii DarkAngel

    Year ago

    Yay! So happy you posted, needed this laugh so badly today. ☺

  • Elexis Cash

    Elexis Cash

    Year ago

    Drew always makes me laugh❤️

  • packblixty


    Year ago

    1:59 you just described animal crossing

    • Antler's on Mars

      Antler's on Mars

      Year ago

      Omg you're right XD

    • Alkaios Lykos

      Alkaios Lykos

      Year ago

      "a bunch of white people talking about do it yourself projects"

  • winnileesboy


    Year ago

    I am on council for the community I live in...we re going to use zoom for committee meetings and council meetings
    Dear baby Jesus....

  • Chris Kidder

    Chris Kidder

    Year ago

    Drew what camera are you using for this podcast? Funny stuff brotha.

  • ZAC Wong

    ZAC Wong

    Year ago

    The boomer tester

  • Stacy Findley

    Stacy Findley

    Year ago

    😂😂 my family has been doing zoom too, it’s ridiculous!

  • Anaheed Hill

    Anaheed Hill

    Year ago

    Ahh family, the center of all that is funny.