Drew Lynch Stand-Up: Why I Hate Ordering Wine

Published on Aug 27, 2020
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Drew Lynch Stand-Up: Why I Hate Ordering Wine
And I like wine. I think.
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Drew Lynch is an objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom.

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Drew Lynch
  • Azure Johnstun

    Azure Johnstun

    10 days ago

    ...he can say sommelier, but he can’t say banana? Man that’s... I don’t even know what that is 😂

  • stephanie andrews

    stephanie andrews

    17 days ago

    Watching your videos makes me so happy ☺️☺️ please know you brighten up peoples day when they need it most, you are amazing ❤️❤️

  • Stephen Sargent

    Stephen Sargent

    20 days ago

    Random question Drew?? You may end up shirtless after a few wines, but have you ever had so many wines that your stuttering stopped?

  • David Ballard

    David Ballard

    21 day ago

    lol Mansplain raisins, I died.

  • Michael Cheslock

    Michael Cheslock

    Month ago

    Definitely one of your funniest skits!!!

  • spiraljoe1273


    Month ago

    I’m in a tshirt and a booster seat man!!!! LMAO

  • Teyah Shuman

    Teyah Shuman

    2 months ago

    Me: my favorite food is grapes
    Also me: doesn’t drink alcohol.
    “Well, ok then”

  • Cathleen Lichliter

    Cathleen Lichliter

    2 months ago

    How is stella I miss seeing her on your videos

  • Naomi McIlvaine

    Naomi McIlvaine

    2 months ago

    The "They're given a tuxedo and an apron" bit was under appreciated.

  • Tim G

    Tim G

    2 months ago

    So so so funny funny funny. Get it out it one sentence next time mumbling monster or I won’t be watching again lmao

  • cetkat


    2 months ago

    Did you know that they have a similar position at Starbucks? Hints of coco, citrus, etc.. there's a whole big class and fancy title (Coffee Master, I think.. but doesn't raise your pay). I'm sorry.. but, no. It's all acidic, strong, coffee. There are differences.. but anyone who talks about notes of chocolate, raspberry, etc is full of shit. They go so far as list the best pastry pairings. I WISH I was joking.
    Now, I love Starbucks. I actually think their espresso beans are the best.. but some things are just like some kind of corporate cult culture.

  • Ted Instead

    Ted Instead

    2 months ago


  • Moss Ghost

    Moss Ghost

    2 months ago

    When you're wealthy enough to go to a restaurant that has a wine expert...

  • Julia Kardos

    Julia Kardos

    2 months ago

    Oh my gosh I have to shoe this to my Dad, he's always like *sniiiiiiif* "mm do you smell the hint of vanilla in this?"
    nO i DoN't, crazy man! 😂

  • Rick Furious

    Rick Furious

    2 months ago

    Jesus me Christ hahahahah

  • Tate Siemens

    Tate Siemens

    3 months ago

    Ass hole bro! You were funny until you said this!!!

  • φεγγαρακι


    3 months ago

    There's a myth that says that there is actually a man that really loved grapes, he even performed a surgery on one.

  • Lassy DLassy

    Lassy DLassy

    3 months ago

    I love his comedy and the stutter makes it that much better

  • williams9071


    3 months ago

    I honestly can say Drew is one of the top 10 best comedians in the world, that I've seen so far, and I've seen many.. drew is so pro at execution and segways, and continually engaged with the audience... always puts laughing tears in my eyes... and always destroys hecklers in the smartest ways... it takes an intelligent human to do what drew does... I hope I can go to a live show one day..

  • Brielle McB

    Brielle McB

    3 months ago

    *Opens Youtube*
    “Here’s why you should hit your kids-“
    *Closes Youtube*

  • Ducc


    3 months ago

    I want some grapes :(

  • Lost Moon

    Lost Moon

    3 months ago

    I'm allergic to grapes. But I can drink wine

  • Audrey Foks

    Audrey Foks

    3 months ago

    One of my fav of all time!!!

  • bsw051


    3 months ago

    This was genius.

  • Allison Boudreaux

    Allison Boudreaux

    3 months ago

    Me watching this eating grapes: 👁👄👁

  • Stephen Will

    Stephen Will

    3 months ago

    Hahaha drew you Rock bro

  • Grapey Boy

    Grapey Boy

    3 months ago

    Don’t dis my grapes :p

  • Alena16 20

    Alena16 20

    4 months ago

    I highly doubt a random woman on the street would agree to drinking free wine given to them by random a man they don’t know *especially* if it’s uncorked. However, your point stands (besides the sorrowful fact that we aren’t grapes)

  • Southerland Ashlyn

    Southerland Ashlyn

    4 months ago

    im a girl and 10 im dieingLOL

  • K-Canna Queen

    K-Canna Queen

    5 months ago

    “I can’t wait to get home to my weed”

  • Scratchx26


    6 months ago

    When you wonder why your face hurts and realize u been smiling for 10 videos of yours. 😃

  • KalifasNorr


    6 months ago

    I want everyone to know that I somehow ended getting a box wine commercial from YouTube thanks to this video. I'm not upset.

  • BQ8BEeM78aY126DGqmQbwyi0 k25wFR7sia5s3cmpBCAcwlOC

    BQ8BEeM78aY126DGqmQbwyi0 k25wFR7sia5s3cmpBCAcwlOC

    6 months ago

    Keep it up. Don’t make me turn the wine into piss
    P.S. j/k. There's no way this comment will be half as good as this set

  • lulabell79 _

    lulabell79 _

    6 months ago

    Your delivery is flawless! Love you Drew!!

  • Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody

    6 months ago

    I wanna be Drew's drinking buddy.
    I'll wear a tux and an apron, because I'll work the front and the back! ;D

  • JoshPo78


    7 months ago

    This man has come a long way. He inspires me so much. I want to be a comedian and I know I will never make it, but I still try. Something about making people laugh and seeing the joy in there eyes, makes me feel complete.

  • Joseph Bochsler

    Joseph Bochsler

    7 months ago

    I was eating frozen grapes while watching this!

  • Nicole Kada

    Nicole Kada

    7 months ago

    I’m trying to drink my way into a new speech impediment tonight, LMFAO I love you Drew! I hope to have the opportunity to meet you one day

  • Junior Junison

    Junior Junison

    7 months ago

    Your joke reminds me of the attitude my mom would have about certain things, ahhh, good times!

  • RandyRandii


    7 months ago

    I absolutely hate wine, I wish I could like it but they all taste like grape juice with rubbing alcohol in them and I don't like juice. 😩

  • Ollie Aspen

    Ollie Aspen

    7 months ago

    I got an ad for wine right before this video😂

  • bread


    7 months ago

    69th dislike B))))

  • ghostie boii

    ghostie boii

    7 months ago

    “the customer is topless and the breadsticks are bottomless”
    well if they got together they wouldnt be anymore

  • Harper the SDIT

    Harper the SDIT

    8 months ago

    Me: clicks on the video that says I hate ordering wine
    Drew: this is why you should but your kids
    Me:what did I just click on😂

  • Joey Yang

    Joey Yang

    8 months ago

    Ah man this is so hilarious

  • redboxand19 0

    redboxand19 0

    8 months ago

    I eating grapes in bed

  • TristanESEM


    8 months ago

    There’s 68 dislikes

  • Robert Knight

    Robert Knight

    8 months ago

    I give you big props man. I also have a studder, I was born with it, but watching you gives me so much hope, and gives me a reality check, showing me that even with my speech problem, never let anything stop me from pursuing anything. Cuz I got in my own way, thinking everyone was judging me and being embarrassed with it. I mean I still ha e work to do on that lol but I thank you for the videos and keep it up.

  • Louis Dnd

    Louis Dnd

    8 months ago

    God I would love to be that confident with my stuttering. What a legend



    8 months ago

    He is a far better comedian compared to when he was AGT. worked on that stutter, and his comedy.

  • Lanolyn Rivera

    Lanolyn Rivera

    8 months ago

    ....Or a pinot noir?" 🤣🤣💀☠☠

  • Ben Asslick

    Ben Asslick

    8 months ago

    That ending about Jesus was hilarious!!!



    8 months ago

    On his TikTok he doesn’t have a stutter?

  • PJ Myburgh

    PJ Myburgh

    8 months ago

    I think someone farted while laughing 😂 min 3:58.

  • H


    8 months ago

    Child abuse jokes, classic comedy 🙄 didnt expect your content to make me feel worse about myself/my day....can’t listen to your stuff anymore now if I want to protect my emotional health I guess. It’s a shame, I really liked you.

    • catharine orellana

      catharine orellana

      4 months ago

      Drew should check with you first before telling any jokes. Will that make you happy? Nah, probably not.

    • Kiona Cassil

      Kiona Cassil

      6 months ago

      Yes you did say you were leaving lmao but yet you were here to reply to me. What a joke. Probably feel entitled to everything as well. Be gone.

    • H


      6 months ago

      @Kiona Cassil funny word choice with “brat,” makes sense you have no empathy if you learned early in life that emotionality makes you a brat, people only use that word for misbehaving kids 🤔 Also “take it or leave it and never come back,” lmao where’s your reading comprehension skills, I already said I’m leaving, your instructions have no say in it pissforbrains.

    • Kiona Cassil

      Kiona Cassil

      6 months ago

      @H Stop whining, brat. It's called a joke for a reason, and everyone else thinks it's funny. No, he isn't saying "Everyone hit your kids!" He's making a joke. Take it or leave it and never come back.

    • H


      8 months ago

      Thought the point of jokes was to bring joy, not make profit off of marginalized people’s pain. Honestly I used to think you were “one of the good ones” for male comedians. You just made me lose another little chunk of my faith in the entire genre.

  • AleDaArtist


    8 months ago

    Wat happened to the Im yours cover, I really wanted to rewatch it. Did that exist or am I just making things up in my head lol

  • Adam T Weakland

    Adam T Weakland

    8 months ago

    Absolute 🔥🔥 this guy does NOT get enough credit, no I didnt do anything fantastic like this as I had dreamed of, but man when you see talent, you see it. And this dude got it. Go drew. Keep doing you buddy, I absolutely love this. !!!

  • Andrea Cottrell

    Andrea Cottrell

    8 months ago

    When i first saw you , you where on AGT omg...... so funny

  • Benjaminart Smiddlerock

    Benjaminart Smiddlerock

    9 months ago

    This is really REALLY brilliant , I've not laughed so much watching stand up since Eddie izzard imitated flys.

  • Sierra Woods

    Sierra Woods

    9 months ago

    My day gets better when I watch a new video

  • Robert Davidson

    Robert Davidson

    9 months ago

    That opening

  • Stop Motion Master

    Stop Motion Master

    9 months ago

    Me when I see the title: Wine? This sounds fun lol
    Drew when I click on the video: "tHis iS wHy yuO sHouLd hIt yUor kiDS"

  • Bradley Dente

    Bradley Dente

    9 months ago

    its marty mcfly

  • violentcheese


    9 months ago

    We should get drew on JRE

  • T Landreth

    T Landreth

    9 months ago

    Eh, I don't drink any Alcohol. Never have, never will.

  • Kari Ann Paul-Dent

    Kari Ann Paul-Dent

    9 months ago

    I just found you on tiktok today! I love your comedy

  • Grayson Shipley

    Grayson Shipley

    9 months ago

    4:50 Booze’s clues

  • Invox


    9 months ago

    When Jesus turned water into wine, Judas replied:
    Can I have a Coke?

  • Wine Jam

    Wine Jam

    9 months ago

    Brilliant !! Apron ... tuxedo choose one !! It shouldn't be that fancy and complex, which is what I try to explain.

  • Adrian Selder

    Adrian Selder

    9 months ago

    You have to come to Australia when this virus shit blows over!!!!

  • Wyatt


    9 months ago

    He's doing alot better now and rareley stuttering. Drew Lynch is saying full sentences without stuttering.

  • AJ The Blue Jay

    AJ The Blue Jay

    9 months ago


  • Sullivan Bradford

    Sullivan Bradford

    9 months ago

    I just wanna say that I love grapes and would take someone up on the grape offer

  • K Cat

    K Cat

    9 months ago

    Idk about u, but grapes are my favorite fruit😐

  • Josh Galarza

    Josh Galarza

    9 months ago

    I freakin love this guy

  • The Loki

    The Loki

    9 months ago

    Oh god I cried 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Barry

    Elizabeth Barry

    9 months ago

    Thank you for the good subtitles! The hearing impaired like comedy too!

  • Jennifer Storey

    Jennifer Storey

    9 months ago

    You might just be the funniest person walking the earth! Hearing you laugh makes my heart happy. If you and Steve Hofstetter toured together you could call it 'Symphony of Destruction' 2022 🤩

  • BlueDavid01


    9 months ago

    “This is why you should hit your kids” I died

  • Mac & Cheese

    Mac & Cheese

    9 months ago

    I would say that Drew's laugh is Wholesome (It Seriously is oml) but the amount of adult jokes in his shows changes my perspective of it 🤣

  • somethingnewplz8 bored

    somethingnewplz8 bored

    9 months ago

    The perfect level of sass.

  • Elisa G

    Elisa G

    9 months ago

    My 18 year old sister is a wine expert, and worked at Olive Garden for 3weeks. They hand that badge to anyone

  • Linda Oosterwijk

    Linda Oosterwijk

    9 months ago

    Is that an attempt to grow a mustache or did you have chocolate milk? ;-)

  • jeffrey Santos

    jeffrey Santos

    9 months ago

    When he talked about Jesus!! Hilarious 😂 OMG 👏👏👏👏

  • Tris west

    Tris west

    9 months ago

    I love your comedy and would love for you to be at my wedding and do a show at my wedding

  • Austyn Smith

    Austyn Smith

    9 months ago

    My emotional support german shepherd of 9 years died almost 2 weeks ago and your videos have been one of the few things that make me laugh and smile thank you

  • Alex Justice

    Alex Justice

    9 months ago

    I'm so sad I can't go to your shows. I just turned 18 and the shows in my city are 21+/

  • SpectroJourney


    9 months ago

    You are still very cute and I love your energy ❤️ I wish I could see you in person but I live in Australia and coronavirus has a distance impediment

  • possibly


    9 months ago


  • Mai


    9 months ago

    I was watching his first performance on AGT and now watching his most recent performance.... Inhave to say, his stutter has gotten better. Is it just me?

  • Leavory


    9 months ago

    "We did it fam" the more I hear other people say this, the more I wonder how fam even got around. Still loving these shows, and the one that was at IUP. Much love for you Drew ❤

  • T


    9 months ago

    Here I am, eating grapes...

  • Tiffany Parkhomenko

    Tiffany Parkhomenko

    9 months ago

    I absolutely love you, I have been watching you since your performance on AGT. And I just rewatched your performance on agt. And I immediately thought about how far you have coke and how much better your stutter got. Anyways, you’re a huge inspiration and I absolutely love your stand up ❤️

  • Ben Plishko

    Ben Plishko

    9 months ago

    My God drew you've come a long way since agt

  • Things_I_Say


    9 months ago

    I've never heard of someone become violent because they WEREN'T hit. I've never heard of a prick that DIDN'T have punitive parents.
    If you were hit and blamed by authority figures, you would act out more too. Fear just teaches you should lie better, not less.

  • Things_I_Say


    9 months ago

    Kids will get more than enough abuse from the real world. More than enough. They need one place in the world where they don't feel pain.

    • Timothy Richendollar

      Timothy Richendollar

      8 months ago

      It’s a joke, don’t take it seriously

  • Nicky s

    Nicky s

    9 months ago

    .... I loved my grapes

  • SRusky


    9 months ago

    Bro,you are the only comediant that makes me laugh this hard. Keep it up

  • Rowynne Crowley

    Rowynne Crowley

    9 months ago

    Can I get drunk while you take your shirt off?

  • MattyPizzle193


    9 months ago

    Drew you're amazing my friend, I stumbled on a video of yours and I just keep watching more and more. I've booked 2 tickets for one of your London dates. I love that you're coming over here. I can't wait.