Audience Makes Stuttering Comedian Say “Banana”

Published on Jul 25, 2019
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Audience Makes Stuttering Comedian Say “Banana”
SPOILER ALERT: I can't say it.

Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name that's Stella.

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A super cute guy with his average-looking dog.

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Stand up comedian Drew Lynch from America's Got Talent and his service dog Stella vlog about stories from their day to day life. He has a stutter, she has captions.
Join us for new episodes of Dog Vlog every Monday and Thursday, and our animated comedy "Therapy Dog" every other Saturday!

Drew Lynch
  • Gary UnFiltered

    Gary UnFiltered

    11 days ago

    Love thisssss

  • Sticky Icky

    Sticky Icky

    14 days ago

    You fucking killed it!!!!!!!

  • mimiandcheese


    22 days ago

    Skoogle should be what online school is called

  • Dan Perez

    Dan Perez

    Month ago

    How does Drew spell Kryptonite? B-A-N-A-N-A

  • Nakito Mosquito

    Nakito Mosquito

    Month ago

    Drew, can you say Mississippi?

  • oldworld blue

    oldworld blue

    Month ago

    I love how calm he is with the stuttering but I just can’t

  • Slightly home schooled for a bit

    Slightly home schooled for a bit

    2 months ago

    say mississippi.....

  • War Effort Gaming

    War Effort Gaming

    2 months ago

    I'm Dyslexic, and I read "a Stuttering Canadian" instead of "Comedian" Lmao

  • nokgroda


    2 months ago

    I just read Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett, and just so you know, in chapter 11, there's this whole thing about spelling banana, which reminded me of your banana jokes ❤️
    It starts with: "Nanny Ogg knew how to start spelling 'banana', but didn't know how you stopped."

  • harrypoon2


    2 months ago

    The philly jokes at the end got me

  • Fiji Tiger

    Fiji Tiger

    2 months ago


  • Michaela Lindberg

    Michaela Lindberg

    3 months ago

    Honey, long yellow fruit is fine!

  • Blip Waz Here

    Blip Waz Here

    3 months ago

    The audience is acting like drunk infants on a sugar high.

  • StaticHispanic


    3 months ago

    Dude its so crazy to see some of his recent-ish shows and see how far he's come since AGT 2015. His stutter is almost completely under control !

  • K


    3 months ago

    the yellow potassium fruit cheese stick

  • Vikas Gulati

    Vikas Gulati

    3 months ago

    Already scripted, audience who ask questions in such shows are actually a part of the show organising team

  • spiraljoe1273


    3 months ago

    You know I can’t asshole!!!!!!

  • Water Gaming

    Water Gaming

    3 months ago

    Something about that not a plantain gif opening the wrong way bothers me.

  • JohnF theArtist

    JohnF theArtist

    3 months ago

    ❤️ Philly love ❤️

  • Doug Rattmann

    Doug Rattmann

    3 months ago

    nooo you were in my city and I didn't even know noooooo

  • American Gearhead

    American Gearhead

    3 months ago

    Come to Wisconsin they’ll make you say potowotamee or auschwabenon

  • somethingidk


    3 months ago

    this happened in 3rd grade
    my teacher: " so hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia means the fear of long words"
    me: " your telling me that Hippo-potatoe-mon-stro-whipped-daliopa-phobia means the fear of long words"
    my teacher:" no, I said hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia"
    me: "yeah thats what i said, Hippo-potatoe-mon-stro-whipped-daliopa-phobia"
    my teacher: O-O this bish "try again"
    Me: "hippo-fliopa-monster-snot-potatoe"
    my teacher:" no. again"
    my teacher: O-O
    my class: O-O
    me: !VvV!

  • Ajwad Raza

    Ajwad Raza

    3 months ago

    Philly proud is always the best crowd

  • Bonabo Games

    Bonabo Games

    3 months ago

    Skoggle is a knock off of google

  • Not_Me


    3 months ago

    i feel you but i cant say any words with r's lol

  • Adhd Hen

    Adhd Hen

    3 months ago

    I love how he can be mean but funny at the same time and you know he doesn’t mean it

  • esther yeremenko

    esther yeremenko

    4 months ago

    Can he says Mississippi though...?

  • Olesia Barton

    Olesia Barton

    4 months ago

    I clicked on this video very confused. I'm watching the video even more so. XD

  • ShinyDiamonds45


    4 months ago

    I’d like to see him try and say tappahannock 😆 I struggle with this daily and I live there

  • PWR reaper

    PWR reaper

    4 months ago

    Say supercallafragalisticexpialadocious

  • Gotham'sMostWantedClownBitch


    4 months ago

    Poor thing :( get 'em Tiger!

  • MissisSheDevil's Art Creations

    MissisSheDevil's Art Creations

    4 months ago

    Banana isn’t that bad we have ananas meaning pineapple most kids just go anananananananas 😂 but banana is easier for us it’s just banaan 😛

  • Shiny PokeFlute

    Shiny PokeFlute

    4 months ago

    You’d hate my hometown baseball team. Savannah Bananas

  • Kipperbob Sam

    Kipperbob Sam

    4 months ago

    I'm colourblind, so I get people describing things by colour all the time , like, "it's in the blue box" like I have a clue what blue looks like, or what colour cars, clothes or anything else is. I'm like, it's a bloody Toyota, it's in one of those boxes, red blue green purple pink Turquoise mean nothing to me,

  • rebelion160


    4 months ago

    I'm surprised they didn't have you say mississippi
    Feel like that's even worse than Banana... even people without stuttering find it a nightmare.

  • Lslice


    4 months ago

    He deserves to be told to say banana if he’s gonna shit on a city like that

  • BigHit Lyric

    BigHit Lyric

    4 months ago

    Him saying skoogle reminds me of Ethan trying to say skillet 🤣🤣 #MomentoMori

  • Curly privat

    Curly privat

    4 months ago

    Event... A remember that?
    You could go there
    And do stuff.

  • ghost boi

    ghost boi

    4 months ago

    hear me out here
    what about

  • Teflon Lettuce

    Teflon Lettuce

    4 months ago

    at the height of the AIDS panic in the 80's we were taught how to put on a condom using bananas so why not just call it a "yellow penis fruit"?

  • A Razor Dragged from Wrist to Elbow

    A Razor Dragged from Wrist to Elbow

    4 months ago

    I wonder if Drew has seen The King's Speech.



    5 months ago

    NOWW IT makes sense why just for laugh pranks are not so harsh... THEY CANADIAN... I iddnt know that

  • Fizzybow


    5 months ago

    Never knew a single word could heckle someone

  • Isaiah Allen

    Isaiah Allen

    5 months ago

    He doesn't studder as much

  • Alastor But with a gun

    Alastor But with a gun

    6 months ago

    skoogle sounds like the anime version of google

  • Emilio Reyes

    Emilio Reyes

    7 months ago

    No matter the situation drew is always adorkable

  • Morton Carter

    Morton Carter

    7 months ago

    I started laughing by myself and everyone in the room looked at me... that’s when you feel like crap lol

  • Sanih Muhammad

    Sanih Muhammad

    8 months ago


  • ImJustVerable


    8 months ago

    They insulted his stutter so he turned around and did the one thing that is a surefire way to piss off every Philadelphian in a 200 mile radius:
    *H e i n s u l t e d t h e c h e e s e s t e a k*

  • Docca G

    Docca G

    9 months ago

    Drew is such a good musician, he *_speaks_* in remixes.

  • Andrea Gettling

    Andrea Gettling

    9 months ago


  • Andy Meiser

    Andy Meiser

    9 months ago

    I would love to hear him pronounce my county's name Tuscarawas. Let's put it this way local people struggle with it and its an old Indian name with German influence.

  • Harlequinn


    10 months ago


  • Cryton Roberts

    Cryton Roberts

    10 months ago

    Worst comedian ever, I supported him until he became an asshole to everyone

  • GuardianAnge l

    GuardianAnge l

    10 months ago

    Watching Drew instead of doing Geometry



    10 months ago

    2:54 I would say you just desrcibe the simpson

  • Grozik 2

    Grozik 2

    10 months ago

    What if a minion had a stutter?hmm

  • rei


    10 months ago

    since you were in montreal u should've said "ananas"

  • Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith

    11 months ago

    Just say yellow tree dicks

  • Oleg Oleg

    Oleg Oleg

    11 months ago

    "banana is as _bad_ as the n word"
    Mulaney: first off

    • e.y.a


      11 months ago

      i love that i understand that reference hell yeah i'm learning about comedians

  • Klaudija Vukovic

    Klaudija Vukovic

    11 months ago I know you will have so much to say to this video. Please make my day!!!!

  • Fanta7t


    11 months ago

    Just say it in two parts. Go ba ... nana.

  • Cobra 78

    Cobra 78

    11 months ago

    I'm allergic to bananas and you not saying it is a blessing!

  • Adam Gore

    Adam Gore

    11 months ago

    having a stutter doesnt make you say weird things or act weird

  • Gacha _DinoNugget

    Gacha _DinoNugget

    11 months ago

    Your stutter has gotten much better since AGT in my opinion at least

  • Lex theNightwing

    Lex theNightwing

    11 months ago

    Drew: "No I do comedy asshole"

  • Howard


    11 months ago

    Fr I just realized this show is in Philadelphia Bc he talked about our river😂😂

  • Kitty Sparklr

    Kitty Sparklr

    11 months ago

    I could not do that job! You handled it well!

  • Lolikai Cinnabun

    Lolikai Cinnabun

    11 months ago

    *When that guy said, "Say banana!" The audience was split in half between cheering and booing.*

  • Blaze Elvira Firehoof

    Blaze Elvira Firehoof

    11 months ago

    He may stutter,and be unable to say certain words, but man is he a legend.

  • Tea Cup

    Tea Cup

    11 months ago

    I actually think it's cute :)

  • Putri Endah Wulandari

    Putri Endah Wulandari

    11 months ago

    Drew, I love your performance. But dude, when you mentioned Philly cheese.. you just show anger not regulate what they've been crossed. I hope you feel little bit better

  • IOCbubblegum


    11 months ago

    Just laugh

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Erwin Schrodinger

    11 months ago

    Funny thing is there really is a dead website that was called Scroogle, they wanted more privacy on web searches, but google ended up shutting them down.

  • Daniel Bryer

    Daniel Bryer

    11 months ago

    "Too many N's" lil sus boss

  • Vanguard16


    11 months ago

    Lol can I suggest trying to say "bana" when trying to say "banana"? Maybe your stutters will work it out. XD (I don't mean this in an offensive way, it was an actual suggestion, please don't hate me DX)

  • LoserClub


    11 months ago


  • Grace _DC

    Grace _DC

    11 months ago

    I'd love to see Drew learn another language. 😂

  • 404 ErrorNotFound

    404 ErrorNotFound

    11 months ago

    People need to stop picking on Drew

  • Jen DuBay

    Jen DuBay

    11 months ago

    With that last name you REALLY shouldn’t be talking about the N word 🤣

  • Zayne Carrick

    Zayne Carrick

    11 months ago

    “Say banana!”
    “What am I, some sort of performing monkey?”

  • Shane C-mont

    Shane C-mont

    11 months ago

    He was a lil funnier when he stuttered more.

  • TheOtherPal


    11 months ago

    I remember when he was on america's got talent.... that was by far one of the bravest and most amazing performances i ever saw not to mention i laughed my ass off.

  • ReyIsNull


    11 months ago

    anyone that studders: exists
    p,d,b,t, & s and random words: *i'm about to end this mans entire courier*

  • doglover9754


    11 months ago

    I started laughing by myself and everyone in the room looked at me... that’s when you feel like crap lol

  • Alexis Sims

    Alexis Sims

    11 months ago

    The kool new Google made for Schools! Approved for use by Kidz, supervision still required

  • Lesego Nyathela

    Lesego Nyathela

    11 months ago

    His stutter has improved so much

  • pp


    Year ago

    :(( poor guy he looks like the guy that gives you hugs,food and funny jokes in class

  • kraft macncheese

    kraft macncheese

    Year ago

    4:15 *plane crash noises*

  • MissingSplash


    Year ago

    I’d love to hear him

  • decent gamer

    decent gamer

    Year ago

    2:46 you faces side profile looks like chris hemsworth its crazy

  • Ryle Dishman

    Ryle Dishman

    Year ago

    I wanna here him say infinitesimal



    Year ago

    Yes I see the Canadian tree. I hope you enjoyed Montreal and Just for Laughs!

  • HWFchamp


    Year ago

    Wow what rude audience would stoop so low as to oh it's Philly of course.

  • Liam Cassidy

    Liam Cassidy

    Year ago

    I love how he’s just so wholesome whilst saying „go fuck yourselves“

  • SnottyToe69


    Year ago

    The dreaded N-word.

    whats up my banana.

  • Ben


    Year ago

    You're so talented!

  • Cameron Tromp

    Cameron Tromp

    Year ago

    I wanna hear him say hippopotomonstrosisquippidaliophobia(fear of long words)

  • Min Suga

    Min Suga

    Year ago

    I ✨Simp✨

  • Nathanael Lone

    Nathanael Lone

    Year ago

    Say mississippi